Have you ever thought about moving to another country?  


Nowadays it is not only possible for you and your family to move to live a new stage in another country, it is also possible to take all your memories and personal belongings with you, moving your home wherever you want.

If you follow us on our networks, you will know that we have been carrying out this type of service for years. We have travelled miles with your belongings, successfully, and that is why today we want to give you the keys to organise an international move without stress.




1. Time

This type of move should be organised in good time. In our experience the recommendation would be to start organising the service at least 2 months before the planned moving date in the country of origin.

2. Inspection visits

If for us the inspection visit prior to the estimate is always necessary, in the case of an international move it is indispensable.

Each move is different, there are different types of transport depending on the volume and characteristics of the move, which is why the estimate must be based on the volume estimated during the visit in order to find the best technical solution for each service


3. Necessary documents

Depending on the country of destination there will be a number of documents to be presented by the importer of the move.

Each country has specific regulations for the importation of goods and personal effects and many documents must be requested in advance. Your chosen mover should inform you of the entire process of documents required at destination to avoid complications or delays.

4. Restrictions to take into account

As with documentation, each country has certain restrictions on the goods to be imported.

To avoid wasting time and extra costs it is very important to have the right information before packing.


5. Liaising with the moving agent at destination

We believe that providing confidence in the removal process is a value that the client appreciates. Even before choosing the removal company to work with at origin, it is interesting to know who will be in charge of the removal at destination and to have a first contact with them to resolve any doubts.

Many removal companies even offer relocation services, as SIT does, where they can advise you on finding a house, a school for the children and how to obtain the required documentation.





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