Sit Spain
Sit Spain

Its role is to complement the human element, not replace it

Digital technology is a critical support tool for international mobility, but an international relocation can be one of the most stressful experiences there is if you don’t know where to turn.  While technology serves to make the necessary information available at the right time and improve communication, it lacks the empathy and context that a person can provide. Its role is to complement the human element, not replace it.

International mobility touches multiple service lines and requires professionals, both internal and external, with specialized knowledge of the relevant issues, regions, and legislation. This can be confusing and overwhelming for the candidate in his or her new destination. At SIT Spain we help and accompany the client through the whole adaptation process from start to finish, we try to automate your processes at the time of expatriation. We put at your disposal both the technological and the human elements so that your experience is 100% satisfactory.

At SIT Spain we have digital processes to coordinate all the parties involved. In this way, the data they handle not only serves to organize all the information required but also to ensure that efforts are not duplicated, that action is taken at the right time and that the necessary information reaches all those involved quickly.

The increase in information and the level of control in companies is improving the experience in many aspects of destination management. The advent of technology allows us to search for housing through videoconferencing or virtual reality, real-time tracking of our move, school search through forms, area orientation, assistance in settling in at your new destination, and even vehicle registration and rehabilitation.