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Sit Spain


Microclimates and Air Quality advanced protection of works of art on display


SIT, as a community partner of the MEMORI project and on the research and recommendations platforms of the group (, has developed with Urban Digit the most advanced technology for monitoring environmental conditions and the presence of contaminants within the enclosures of exhibited works of art in unstable environments.


This new technology, combined with our deep experience developing microclimate systems to protect high-value works of art since we began in1992, permits us to offer efficient, attractive solutions for precise preservation and exhibition conditions in almost any location you wish to display your collection.

First step

  • To provide the most accurate proposal, we visit the object on-site and assess it in person to analyze the display conditions and the state of the object itself.
  • With this information, we design the most adequate system that guarantees the most attractive presentation and complete protection by considering the environmental conditions (relative humidity, temperature, and light) and airborne contaminants.


Our microclimate systems combine the most appropriate esthetic for each object, the most efficient technology for optimal preservation, and the least amount of maintenance for decades to come.

In our catalog of materials and finishes, one can select from the most traditional frames with hand-crafted moldings to the most modern profiles and materials.

Always taking into account frontal protection, we use anti-reflective and security from ArtGlass as well as evnironmental sensors and aggressive contamination detectors for sensitive objects.


With the SIT microclimate systems, works of art are protected from gaseous contaminates like:


  • Fluctuations in relative humidity
  • Sudden changes in temperature
  • Excessive light exposure
  • Dust, spores, and insects
  • Physical contact

Environmental Quality

With the most modern technology, we can monitor all environmental parameters from our headquarters in Madrid without access to the physical object and generate reports, charts, and recommendations whenever necessary.

We may also transfer this communication of data to curators or collection managers as information curators or collection managers as confidential information if required.


With SIT’s microclimate protection, we protect the value of the objects by protecting them from deterioration provoked by adverse environmental conditions, accidental mistreatment, or vandalism.

With our efficient and effective systems, you can now display works in places such as:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Country Houses
  • Dining areas
  • Boats and Airplanes
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Pool areas
  • Beach Houses
  • Offices

Estaremos encantados en atender cualquier consulta para el desarrollo de un sistema microclimático y/o el monitoreo de parámetros ambientales que permitan garantizar la conservación a largo plazo de cualquier obra de arte.