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With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, there have been various debates about whether it is a positive or negative thing for art. The role of Artificial Intelligence in artistic creation continues to evolve on a daily basis.

Many critics believe that AI will disrupt the art industry because it will allow artists to express themselves more easily; others believe that this new type of technology will at some point replace humans and therefore there will be no need for human-based art.

And a third group of people see it simply as another tool for the artist to broaden his or her horizons.

As for artists, they are divided between those who agree or, at least, do not perceive the use of artificial intelligence for the creation of art as a threat, and those who believe that the use and development of this discipline should be improved in several aspects.


But what is artificial intelligence and how does it work?

“Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that involves the development of intelligent computer systems in order to solve problems that are not necessarily related only to computers, but are found in any domain or industry”.

At the moment, algorithms and information processing systems have not been able to simulate human thinking and reasoning, especially when it comes to creative thinking. Despite scientific advances, Artificial Superintelligence (capable of outperforming humans) remains pure theory.


What is the future of art with AI?

With AI, art has taken on a new life and found new meaning in synthetic realities.

As the AI elements of digital art packages become more complex, artists have new tools to experiment in creative and unexpected ways.

Many people speculate about the emergence of a new genre of art called AI-art. This new genre is created using sophisticated algorithms.

Recently, an AI bot called DALL-E, named after the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, has become famous. It is able to turn any text into images, anything, no matter how outlandish or impossible it sounds, DALL-E will turn it into a drawing or a photograph.

You can even ask him to change the artistic style of a work of art or to use it as the basis for creating another, to expand pictures by inventing what’s around them while maintaining the same style.


Digital art is now considered art, and what we know for sure for now is that the artistic paradigm as we knew it is changing.