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For more than 20 years, a type of packaging with high technological value has been used which consists of encapsulating and suspending any type of object inside an air cushion, known as air bags.

This system makes it possible to protect the product absolutely securely against shocks, vibrations and falls, especially during individual shipments.

They have excellent load stabilisation and load displacement resistance and can withstand tons of pressure.

Air bags are used for the transport of goods where flexible securing or stabilising elements are required.

They are either made of plastic materials or different layers of paper, as the name says, they are made of air and in a few seconds with an inflation valve, they are ready to wrap and protect any product.

Generally, they are used when there are goods that due to circumstances cannot be fastened with rigid elements such as straps, ropes or fastening bars and require a fastening system that assumes a certain level of vibrations and mobility.

It is a protective packaging designed to be used inside a box or container.

The increasing need to save space in warehouses, the speed of execution absolutely competitive compared to any other packaging system and the possibility of reuse several times, make us think about the importance of choosing this type of packaging compared to the cumbersome operations of packaging with cardboard, polystyrene balls, polystyrene, pre-stamping, pluriball, wood shavings, small air cushions, etc..,

It takes up 90% less volume compared to traditional protective packaging systems.

What kind of products could it be used for?



Using air bags provides excellent protection against transport damage and improves the image of the company through its packaging.

Also the ease of packing was increased, especially with the division of the bag separating the wine glasses, and with the use of a single valve the speed and balance of the inflation.



The transparency of air bags is an excellent packaging to protect and present high quality wine.

The types of air bags are made according to the required dimensions and characteristics of the products to be transported and are therefore perfectly adapted to all types of transport.

They are also used in very specific industrial transports, such as, for example, in the world of works of art, a system that is valid, but not so common.