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When we move, we know that we have to take into account the decoration, clothes, belongings and furniture that we see around the house. We also know that each item requires different and special packaging.

But what about the Christmas decorations? Do you know how to pack them so that they don’t get damaged when you move or when Christmas is over and you have to put them away?

I think we all agree when we say that having to untangle all the lights from the tree or seeing that the baubles no longer have any string to hang them on are some of the things that make us most nervous at Christmas.

We tell you the simplest tricks that will save you time and money:

Collect everything you want to keep:

Collect all the decorations you want to keep. This is the best time to throw away those things that already need to be renewed.

Also save the boxes or paper that you can use for packing.

Decoración navideña

Decide how you are going to organise it:

We recommend organising your decorations by type and zone. Put all the lights in one box and the decorations in another.

Mark each box by writing on it its contents and the area where it is placed:

  • “Christmas lights – kitchen”.
  • “Christmas tree decorations”.

This way you will avoid looking in each box for what you need and you will save a lot of time.

Decoración navideña

Make sure everything is protected:

Place a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom, sides and top of the box when putting all the decorations in.

This will ensure that nothing will get damaged if the box takes a knock.

Embalaje navideño


Whether it’s a tree ornament, a fragile nativity scene or a cuddly toy, Christmas decorations often have sentimental value and are considered by many families to be more than just a decoration.

By leaving them well packed year after year, you can rest easy knowing that next Christmas everything will be just as you left it.