donar tus muebles

According to studies, almost 50% of people who move house buy new furniture. After you have sorted through and have all your belongings ready for moving day, the question always arises…

What do I do with the furniture I no longer want?

Even if you already have your new furniture and it is impossible to take your old furniture with you due to space constraints, it would be a complete waste to get rid of perfectly good and functional items.

Furniture, paintings, electrical appliances and even clothes, things that still have value and can have a second life in the right hands.

Even if the most practical thing to do is to leave them on the street, why not donate them to charity?


It may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s easier than you think.

To make it so, at SIT Spain we have compiled a list to donate your used furniture in Spain to different companies or charities that will be delighted to receive your furniture free of charge.

An excellent idea to make the most of the Christmas season, to bring out the spirit of collaboration and do a good deed for someone who really needs it, as well as helping the environment.

These associations are in charge of collecting, recycling and reusing:

Paul Cézanne

Fundación Valora:

Pioneer in Spain for 18 years in making it possible for companies and individuals to help the most disadvantaged through the donation and reception of surplus material.

It gives hope of having a better life to many people who can make use of the donated material.

Donamuebles – Proyecto Gloria:

They collect furniture, electrical appliances, books, decorative items and other belongings that you want to get rid of.

They are a non-profit association that began its activity in 2000, the result of a personal initiative to help the most disadvantaged.

Donaciones de muebles

La Asociación Betel:

An ONG that offers shelter, clothes, food and a hygienic-sanitary environment to people in a situation or at risk of social exclusion.

They collect donations of furniture, clothes, electrical appliances, scrap metal, household goods and other objects in the home. The collection is free of charge as long as the objects to be removed can be put to a second use.


It is a Non-Profit Organisation with a free home collection service for furniture, household appliances, mattresses, clothes, books, etc.

The aim of its services is to raise the necessary funds for the self-financing of the Association and to be able to continue with the social work carried out.

Mary Delany

Wanting to donate your belongings is already a big step, the next step is to do it in the best possible way.

To ensure that these donations are practical, there are some general guidelines to follow that are common to all charities:

  • Thoroughly inspect all items to be donated as, they will not accept furniture that is in poor condition, clothing with stains or heavily used items.
  • Find out in advance to make sure which items are needed and that your donation is as useful as possible.
  • If they are electrical appliances, check that they are in good working order before you donate them, if any are broken then it is better to get rid of them than to donate them.


A small gesture like this costs nothing and brings with it great opportunities for others!