At SIT we design, manufacture and trade all type of equipment used for the functioning of museums: auxiliary furniture, climate control, support for components, exhibition furniture, etc. All of this produced after a previous study of the client’s needs.

Exhibit Furniture

Furniture design and production for the cultural goods’ exhibition, according to their characteristics and client’s requirements, as well as its correct visualization.

Control and Measurement Equipment

Supply and installation of monitoring equipment, consistent temperature, humidity, lighting intensity and air quality (dataloggers, dosimeters, etc). Follow-up, download and analysis of the generated data.


Design and manufacture of supports that provide individual and specific solutions for each cultural good. Defined and produced with the aim of going unnoticed, giving priority to  the security and conservation of the object, as well as its correct exhibition.

Conservation Materials

Supply of wrapping and conservation materials (celplast, cellaire, art-sorb…), consumable materials (gloves, anti-vandalism supports, security spikes, hanging systems…) and technical resources (work tables, restoration tables, carts for paintings, sculpture tanks…).