Do you have any questions about SIT Spain?

What is SIT Spain?

It is a family business founded in 1960 with more than 200 employees in Spain. Since then, the company has evolved constantly and safely, maintaining during this period the leadership in Spain in its business areas: national and international removals and transport of works of art, reaching a recognized prestige both in Spain and abroad. The company’s range of services is divided into four: Removals, Relocation, Works of Art and Museums.

How do I ask for an estimate from SIT Spain?

Very easily and through many channels: By phone at +34916710608, by filling in the form on our website or by the chat on the page, by email at or through all our social networks.

Where is SIT Spain located?

SIT Spain is located in Madrid (headquarters), Barcelona, Bilbao and Seville.

Where does SIT Spain work?

It works locally, nationally and globally from/to wherever the client needs it. The company gives total coverage in its removal services.

Does the company work every day?

SIT Spain normally works from Monday to Friday, but it is true that we often carry out removal services at weekends which means an extra cost for the client.

Does the company have its own resources?

Yes, the vast majority of the services provided by SIT Spain are carried out by our operators (packers, carpenters, electricians etc…) with our vehicles (cars, vans, trucks etc…) and with our materials (boxes, wrapping paper, trolleys etc…)

On the other hand, it is possible that the company uses collaborators located in key points to cover our services both nationally and internationally.

Any questions about our moving service?

What does SIT Spain's removal service include?

We take care of practically everything so that you don’t have to lift a finger. Our operators pack, dismantle and uninstall, collect, transport, deliver, unpack and assemble your furniture at destination. The only thing that is not included in this complete service is the installation of devices and the work of hanging pictures, as this will require a “handyman” that the company will offer separately if necessary. We also take care of parking our vehicles and putting up a furniture lift if necessary.

In addition, the client can count on the coordination and advice of our removals department, and the commercial work of our technical inspectors.

What types of removal service does the company offer?

Local, national and international removals, transfer of offices, hotels and large surfaces, and furniture storage service. All these jobs are offered in Spain and all over the world.

How is the price of the move calculated?

The price of a removal is very variable as it depends on many factors: Mileage, cubic meters to be packed and transported, difficulty of access to the house, parking, transportation, handling of personal belongings, the number of operators, materials and vehicles needed, etc…

If the move is national or international by air or sea, there are other factors that increase the price, such as customs management or freight.

How are my personal belongings packed?

At SIT Spain we provide certified, avant-garde and top quality packaging material that guarantees the safe handling and transport of your personal belongings.

Our professionals pack quickly with our bubble wrap, glassware and a wide variety of boxes that the company offers.

What is a wooden cage or box?

A wooden box is a hard protective box that we produce in the company to cover your most delicate personal belongings such as television, glass, valuable paintings, ornaments… adjusting to the exact measurements to guarantee that they arrive without any type of damage. It is especially recommended for international transfers.

Can I take everything in my move?

It all depends on whether the move is local, national or international. If it is international and is from or to a country outside the European Union, the belongings will go through a customs control that does not allow newly acquired products, food, liquids of any kind, plants, weapons, batteries, stuffed animals and more. We therefore recommend that you ask the company about all these restrictions before you organise your move. As far as removals within the European Union and at national level are concerned, there is no problem except for weapons.

On the other hand, if you want to move any of the restricted items there is the option of paying fees / taxes such as VAT. Not all items are moveable, please check with SIT Spain.

How do you measure the volume of my move?

At SIT Spain we measure the volume in cubic metres. Our technical inspectors take care of this task so that it is as accurate as possible.

How much time do I need to organize my move?

It depends on the type of move to be made, if the move is national or international it is advisable to do it at least one month in advance, as it involves a greater number of procedures, and if it is local it is advisable to organize two or three weeks in advance so that we can plan the equipment, resources and vehicles from SIT Spain.

How long does it take to pick up my move?

It depends on the type of move to be made, international shipments mean a more sophisticated and secure packing. For more information, talk to the technical inspector or coordinator.

How long does it take to transport my move?

It depends on the type of transport to be carried out and the distance to your new destination. Air shipping is the fastest but the most expensive, land shipping is the best in terms of price/time and sea shipping is the longest but the most affordable. For more information, talk to the technical inspector or coordinator.

Does the company give me a day off for my move?

Yes, Article 37 of the Workers’ Statute Law establishes that all workers have the right to 1 day off to be able to carry out a removal with the option of the company extending the permit. We always recommend that the client is located on the day and place of the service for an optimal result.

Can I insure the transfer of my personal belongings?

Of course, SIT Spain has an insurance department within the company to facilitate the process. You can insure all, half, some or none of your personal belongings by filling in a simple form that we provide from the company. The cost of the insurance depends on whether the move is local, national or international.

Who pays the costs of the move if it is on behalf of the company?

If the move is corporate, the company normally takes care of all the expenses including the insurance (with a maximum amount). If there are extra costs involved, such as our Handyman service (hanging and installation at destination), the company in charge should be consulted.

What does the technical inspection visit consist of?

In order to make a precise estimate of the volume of the move and to know the difficulties of access to the home, it is necessary that one of our technical inspectors goes to your home to calculate, collect data and give advice. He helps us a lot in order to make a good quotation of the service.

What is a furniture lift?

It is an elevator used by moving companies to raise / lower your personal belongings from a certain height to the floor with the aim of facilitating the loading of our operators and for greater safety in the handling of your personal belongings. At SIT Spain we have furniture lifts that reach up to a twelfth floor.

Any questions about our Fine Art service?

Besides the transport of fine art, what related services does SIT perform within this specialty?

SIT is a company that offers you all the services related to the “before” and “after” transport.


  • Inspection visits for measurement, evaluation of technical means and issuance of reports for specific cases.
  • Elaboration of reports of conservation in situ, photographed, rental of multipurpose “show room”.
  • Design of exhibition supports, stands, showcases, lecterns, etc., production in our workshops of wood, metal, methacrylate, acrylic, etc.
  • Design and production of boxes for packaging in different materials and qualities adapting to the needs of each transport.
  • Management of obtaining exit permits for fine art, preparation of transport reports, special customs clearance for fine art (imp temporary, imp definitive, exp temporary, exp definitive, etc)
  • Installation and uninstallation of parts, special lighting projects, security systems, special air conditioning and microclimatization.
  • Design and museographic production for temporary or permanent exhibitions: carpentry, metalwork, glasswork, graphics, lighting, etc.
What kind of special transport for fine art does SIT do?

At SIT we master all transport specialties, although for fine art, the most appropriate modalities are air and land transport.

Air: Mainly international, from/to any airport in Spain, SIT carries out with its own means all the supervision services of handling, palletizing, loading and departure/arrival operations with all agents and airlines. We are IATA agents and we have our own offices and car on the runways, which allows us maximum accessibility.

Land: SIT has a fleet of vehicles of various capacities and characteristics to adapt to the transport of fine art that are unique in terms of their dimensions and/or weight and fragility.

Our trucks have semi-armored bodywork, pneumatic suspension, air conditioning, fire detection and extinction, alarms, GPS, rear liftgate and all the systems that allow us to have the greatest advances that exist for the control and security of the load.

Can I contract trips with SIT?

We have an inplant of the travel agency IAG7 Viajes that allows us to immediately issue any travel agency product or service in our own offices. This agreement facilitates us the management of any reservation, change, cancellation, etc. That is necessary.

Does SIT offer insurance for the transport of fine art?

Yes, indeed. SIT has some very advantageous agreements for our clients due to the zero accident rate of our company. Moreover, the coverage is very wide and negotiable, satisfying the requests of any art and/or collection owner.

Does SIT have any fine art restoration service?

Yes, and not only of restoration itself but also of disinsectation by means of inert gases (anoxia). We are specialists in preventive conservation and we have in our facilities the appropriate workshops to treat the fine art in the best way even for pieces of enormous format.