Anyone going through a moving process is naturally worried about whether their most fragile and sentimental items will arrive safely at their destination. From Christmas ornaments to large mirrors, you can find a long list of fragile items on any moving list. By following these tips on how to pack fragile items for moving overseas, you will keep your mind at ease and your things safe.

Slowly pack each box

Feeling frustrated when you have to pack for a move is easy, but you should still pack slowly. Fragile items need special attention when packing, so they don’t become damaged. Take some time to secure the boxes with extra padding and tape to ensure they arrive safely at your overseas destination. Boxes that are thicker and sturdier are better for this situation. Wrap each item carefully with paper or other protective material before putting them in boxes. Put the heaviest items on the bottom of the box so they don’t break other things packed together with them. It’s better to dedicate some extra time to packing than risk having your things broken or damaged during the overseas move.

Use different materials when you pack fragile items for moving overseas

You can fill empty glass items like vases or jars with paper for extra safety. It’s a good idea not to limit yourself to ordinary paper – always pack each box according to what’s inside. For example, you can buy packing peanuts to fill the space between things. Bubblewrap is also a good, standard way to pack fragile items. Nowadays, you can buy boxes that have dividers and are specially designed to fit glasses inside. The same goes for plates, too.

Pack Christmas decorations carefully

With so many different types of Christmas decorations, ranging from small string lights to fragile sculptures, it’s no wonder it can take a while to pack it all for a move. Now would be a good time to go through some of your old Christmas decorations and reorganize them before you pack them for a move. Untangle string lights and wrap them around a cardboard tube, so you don’t have to deal with detangling them when you decorate your new home. When you pack Christmas ornaments and decorations, remember to use enough padding to minimize the chances of them breaking. As for sculptures, wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper with packing peanuts so you can safely move them to your new home. You can even repurpose old egg cartons to pack small ornaments.

How to pack electronics for an overseas move

The best way to pack electronics for an overseas move is to cover them in bubble wrap and pack them into their original boxes. If you didn’t keep the original packaging, you can buy boxes with the correct dimensions to pack them in. Before you do, remove any cables attached to the devices and pack them separately. Remember to label what they are for so you can save time when you unpack. Remove light bulbs from lamps as well. Remove ink cartridges and toner from printers for extra safety. Take out all the batteries from devices to prevent damage.

Hire professional packers

If you don’t feel like going through the trouble of packing or have more things to pack than you can handle, you can always hire professionals to save time and ensure everything goes smoothly. Another pro is that experts can ensure quality when it comes to packing. You won’t have to worry about whether you used the right boxes or didn’t use enough packing paper. You will also save a lot of physical energy and prevent any potential injuries in your back or knees.

Label all boxes

The best way to stay organized during an overseas move is to label everything you’ve packed. It’ll be easier to keep track of everything during packing. When you arrive at your new home, you’ll find it much easier to unpack, separate things into different rooms, and store items in their new designated place. Some things, like Christmas ornaments, won’t need unpacking until winter, so you can keep them in the box until that time without needing to open it to check what’s inside. Another essential advantage to labeling your boxes is that you and the movers you’ve hired will know how to handle them, which is especially important when discussing fragile items. Make sure to write down which side should be up when the boxes are lifted and transported.

Pack artwork and mirrors accordingly

When you pack items for moving overseas, you will realize that the most fragile things to pack and transport are mirrors and framed art pieces. Some smaller frames can be packed together with bubble wrap, but you must pack the larger mirrors and artwork separately. Here, the best choice is a flat box, which has the least space for your items to move around. When it comes to framed pieces of artwork, you can use packing tape to make an X on the glass and prevent it from shattering into small pieces if it breaks during transport. If the artwork isn’t framed with a glass top, use kitchen plastic wrap to protect it. Never use a regular newspaper in this case, because it can leave marks on the canvas. After this, wrap it in bubble wrap and place it into appropriately sized cardboard boxes. Test to see if there is any wiggle room in the box and fill it with packing paper. With these tips and labeling, you can be sure they will arrive safely at your destination.

To conclude

We can see that it’s not too difficult to pack fragile items for moving overseas – with the right equipment and help from experts, you can do it in no time. Make sure to give equal attention to each item, whether it’s a set of glasses or a sculpture. Always pack everything using the right packing materials and the right-sized boxes. Later, you will be reunited with your things in your new home without worrying they’ve been damaged during the move.

Meta: Some things require extra attention when packing. See how you can pack fragile items for moving overseas to ensure they arrive safely at your new home.