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Moving with a baby requires a lot of creativity and a lot of planning, before you start this adventure there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself….

How much time will I be able to leave him alone while I organise and box things up?

How can I organise his nap times so that you can make the most of your time?

As with any move, preparation beforehand is essential and in this blog we’ll help you identify some key things to cope and keep your baby safe.

Schedule any installations or upgrades to take place before you start unpacking.

Once you’ve assessed what fixtures or upgrades your new home needs, it’s time to schedule these fixes.

If, for example, you need to put up any grilles on the balcony, contact the company in charge so they can have them ready days before the move.

Likewise, if you have to install a fence for the swimming pool, etc.

Organising everything is already a complicated task with a baby in your arms, so you don’t need to work with tools as well.


Examine the house to assess what needs to be done immediately. 

Once you have decided on the flat you are going to move into and have seen it, you will have to go back (many times) to examine every detail.

Identifying the most important things or objects is the first step, whether it has very large stairs, a swimming pool, a balcony without any protection, etc.

All these rooms require accessories or equipment to protect your baby so you will have to order it well in advance.


Place barriers at the top as well as the bottom, do your research on a quality barrier as it is likely that the baby will want to use it as a method to get up or even try to push it.

Consider: socket covers and cupboard lids 

Count how many cupboards, drawers and sockets are within reach of children and install, for each of them, the necessary accessories so that your baby doesn’t open anything he shouldn’t or touch dangerous sockets, they are very curious, so it is better to prevent any accidents.

Make sure you also keep all medicines out of their reach, cleaning products under lock and key, electrical appliances in a high area as well as knives, kitchen controls with covers and cables hidden away.


Anchor heavy furniture to the wall: 

TVs, bookshelves, tall dressers or plants can all be used to climb on a baby’s mind.

Moving with a baby is no easy task, we know, so it’s best to plan ahead and prepare well for moving day.

Our SIT team specialises in all types of removals, minimise the stress and strain of moving with children and let us help you through the whole process, leave the heavy lifting to the experts.