Special packagings

Moving is complicated in itself, but when it is to another country is a little more not only because of the stress that this entails but also because it is usually more distance, different means of transport either truck, boat or plane which makes us suffer a little more for the care of our belongings and that these reach their destination in the best way.

Today from SIT Spain, we list the materials to make an international move and how we can use them to prevent possible problems in the transport of belongings to another country.


Cardboard boxes and other materials

Boxes will always be your best ally, they come in different sizes and are made of different materials, they will be your ally for storing personal items.

We recommend cardboard boxes for transporting clothes, especially clothing. Make sure that these boxes are not too heavy, as this will make transport easier.


Bubble wrap

With bubble bags and rolls of bubble wrap you will be able to pack all the more fragile items that you want to take from one place to another, to avoid damage during transport.

From glasses and crystal glasses to tableware and porcelain figurines, laptops, decorative figurines, pictures, lamps…

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is also used to wrap delicate objects and to reinforce the bubble wrap, it would be a double reinforcement so to speak.

Adhesive tape

It will allow you to seal packaging as diverse as bubble wrap and boxes made of any material. It is another indispensable element for planning any move. Choose adhesive tape with some kind of manual dispenser to ensure that it is easier to apply.

Adhesive labels

These are used to classify each of the boxes and indicate their contents. This will be a great help when it’s time to unpack them all and sort your home more quickly.

With SIT Spain, our great team of specialists will take care of all these materials and will be in charge of preserving and packing your possessions as if they were their own, ensuring the perfect protection and conservation of all furniture, computer equipment, works of art, documentation or any object you wish to entrust to us for transportation. We make sure that everything arrives at its international destination in perfect condition.

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