SIT visa service

If you need a qualified team to help you and your family visit or move to any part of the world, you can rely on SIT to provide the best possible service. They will be at your disposal to answer any questions, solve potential issues during legal procedures, and provide guidance every step of the way, ensuring you have chosen the best options. Along with the relocation services, both national and international, transportation of fine arts, and all other services necessary for a successful and effortless move, they also offer the SIT visa service. With this service, you can be sure you will receive all the essential information, guidance and help obtain any type of visa you need. They will be your only intermediary, guaranteeing an agile and efficient service. All that combined will facilitate your integration into the new environment.

Types of visas

Whichever type of visa you need, SIT has got you covered. Moreover, they can help you get a visa for any part of the world you want to relocate to. So, let’s take a look at different types of visas and what they imply.

First of all, there are two main categories of visas: immigrant and non-immigrant visas. With a non-immigrant visa, you do not become a citizen of the country you are going to, while you do with the immigrant one. Within those two major categories, there are four basic subtypes:

  • Type 1 – Tourist visa. This is the one you need if you want to travel for pleasure.
  • Type 2 – Immigration and naturalization visas. People who intend to move to a foreign country and live there permanently will need this type of visa. You will also need it if you are marrying into that country.
  • Type 3 – Student visas. This type of visa is issued only for studying abroad.
  • Type 4 – Business or work visas. People who are relocating to a foreign country for work will need this visa. It includes both the non-immigrant and immigrant ones.

Depending on the nature of your travel, you will need different types of visas. SIT visa service can help you obtain any type you need.

SIT visa service includes guidance.

Whichever method of communication you prefer, mail or phone, SIT will provide guidance to assist you with obtaining the visa you need. They will help you every step of the way, letting you know what these steps imply and what sort of documentation you will need to prepare. Moreover, they will keep you posted regarding any deadlines you have to meet during the process.

Document collection and revision.

After you have received all the necessary information regarding your relocation and the procedure for obtaining a visa, SIT experts will assist you with document collection and revision. This will ensure you have all you need, and the entire process will go unobstructed.

When you make the final decision to take the plunge and move to a different country, you should also make another smart decision to consult with SIT and enjoy the benefits of their services. Once you do that, they will provide you with a coordinator who will, quite literally, take you by the hand and lead you from your country of origin to your destination. This will speed up the entire process and solve any occurring issues along the way more easily. That way, they will ensure you have a comfortable, safe, and stress-free international relocation.

Scheduling appointments in the embassy.

When faced with the need to obtain any type of visa, people typically have problems grasping what it is they will have to do. They don’t know what they need and where to begin. One of the stages that may be particularly puzzling and complicated is scheduling and coordinating appointments in embassies. So, the helpful SIT consultants will help you with this as well.

SIT is a part of the most distinguished international moving business partnership. This partnership includes a network of international agents, which allows for their highly professional and excellent-quality services to expand overseas. Most importantly, such a wide network ensures the success of every procedure they are involved in.

Documents submission and support with collecting the final documentation

The most mind-boggling situations people experience are usually related to red tape. With SIT, you will have nothing to worry about as they will support you here as well. So, basically, you will only have to listen to the experts at their job and follow their lead. That way, you will ensure the absence of any grave mistakes, delays due to potential errors, and generally, the occurrence of hiccups will be reduced to a minimum.

Relocation to another country.

A shiny sticker in your passport is not the end of the journey. On the contrary, it’s only the beginning. Thankfully, the rest of the road, albeit not easy, is an exciting one. One of the final steps in the process is the move itself. Now, you will need a reliable moving company to handle the transfer of your belongings from the United States or any other country. It is a smart choice to make because they will ensure you have a stress-free, hassle-free, and comfortable move. You will have seen how big of help having professionals by your side was during the process of getting a visa. So, why not do the same for the relocation and spare yourself a lot of headaches.

From your country of origin to the land of your dreams, SIT will be by your side.

Thanks to the department specializing in relocations and immigration, SIT can provide its clients an all-in-one service, from advice-giving on every possible problem that could arise to moving, home search, and school search. SIT visa service is an incredibly beneficial option for everyone less than savvy in all bureaucracy business. Most importantly, with a vast experience and great expertise, this family-owned Spanish company, with a hard-earned and immaculate reputation, is able to adapt to its clients’ needs and priorities, thus providing the best possible service.