The objective, not to generate a bottleneck with an efficient Relocation service that facilitates the mobility and integration of the employee in the new destination.

The need for companies to mobilize their workforce to international destinations quickly in order to implement new projects makes the efficient and rapid management of labor mobility a key factor in the productivity of companies. It allows both immediate implementation of projects and cost savings. Migratory procedures often involve bureaucracy that slows down the employee’s relocation process. Efficient management of these procedures saves time and avoids delays in work projects. It even allows a margin of reaction in case of any setbacks.

Each case is different. For this reason, SIT Spain’s Immigration Department analyzes each of the fundamental aspects of the transfer. One of these key elements is the work permit. We advise our clients and inform them about the necessary documentation and deadlines. We compile the necessary documents and submit the dossier. Finally, we follow up the process and even accompany the employee to the fingerprinting to obtain the residence card.

In many cases a visa is also required. Therefore, as with the work permit, we accompany the client in the collection and review of documents and manage the coordination with the Embassy for the presentation of the file.

In addition, we take care of the diplomatic legalization, that is to say, that any document, whether civil, labor or commercial, is valid outside the borders where it was issued.

The work of the Immigration Department does not stop there. When an expatriate and his or her family arrive in a foreign country, they need to carry out numerous procedures that are usually complex. That is why they need the personalized attention we offer for services such as registration, obtaining a Social Security number and card, a criminal record certificate or the validation of a driver’s license.