Best Time of Year for International Relocation

Sometimes we have to move to another state, or even to another continent, in a hurry. On those occasions, we do not get the opportunity to look for our perfect moving date; we just move. However, there are times when we have months or even years to prepare for our international relocation. We get to hire the best international movers, find the best packing materials, say goodbye to everybody properly, and simply prepare for our relocation in a slow and stress-free manner.  If you too have plenty of time to plan your international relocation, we strongly advise you to pay special attention to your moving date. Believe it or not, but the date you choose can make or break your entire international relocation. Thus, do not take it for granted. Of course, each season comes with pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide which season can suit your needs and budget. Let us share with you some of those pros and cons that come with every season so that you can, hopefully, find out what is the best time of year for international relocation.


Most people decide to move in the fall. This is because relocating in the fall has a lot of benefits. For instance, fall is when the prices of homes start to decrease. So, most people like to take advantage of that opportunity, buy a home for a lower price, and move in quickly. Moreover, fall has the perfect temperature for moving – its days are warm and long. And, trust us, long and warm days are something you definitely want when moving internationally.

However, if you plan on moving internationally with your children, you better stay away from this season. The fall is when school starts, and unless it is absolutely necessary, you should avoid moving during the school year. Just imagine the pressure your children will feel when having to transfer from one school to another during the school year.


Moving during the winter months can also have plenty of benefits, and it might be the best time of year for international relocation. For instance, this is when most moving companies have less work, so the chances of finding a reliable and affordable moving company will be much higher. And, since they are not that busy, you will be able to create your perfect moving schedule too!

Moreover, when moving internationally, most people do not find their home right away. Instead, they stay at hotels and keep their items in storage units until they find their dream home. The good news is that storage units are easier to find at this time of the year too. So if you too have some things to leave in a safe space that you don’t want to take with you, be sure that you can easily find a secure storage facility nearby.

However, you probably guessed why moving during the winter is not everybody’s first choice. Simply, nobody likes moving during the rain and snowstorms. Doing that is not only unpleasant but also dangerous. On top of that, moving internationally during the winter months requires a special kind of packing – you will need to waterproof each and every box you plan on taking with you. And, do not forget that winter is the season of holidays too! It is when we celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, etc., so if you enjoy celebrating these holidays, better spend your winters with your family and friends and not with your movers.


Most people prefer moving during the spring season. The reason for that is obvious – you can not beat spring’s weather conditions. The days are sunny but never too hot – perfect for carrying boxes and loading that moving truck. Moreover, the beginning of spring (March and April) is when it is still possible to find good and reliable movers that are still not booked, which cannot be said for the late spring and early summer.

If you plan on moving in late spring (May), but you still haven’t found your movers, better postpone your move. Trust us; it is very hard to find movers at that period. And, you do not want to plan an international move all by yourself – especially if you are moving with your children, if you need to have a business move, or even if you have to relocate something very fragile and delicate.


Summers are great for moving if you have school-aged children. They will be on their long vacation, so you will have plenty of time to plan your international move carefully. That also means having the time to find your child’s new school, getting in touch with teachers, preparing all the necessary school materials like books, needed stationery, etc. Moreover, if you plan on selling your current home before finding your new home abroad, summer is the best season for that too. Home-selling always peaks during the summer months, so selling your home quickly and for the best possible price will be easy.

However, like all seasons, moving during the summer has its cons too. One of the biggest cons, that is, one of the biggest reasons why people avoid moving internationally during summer, is the price tag. Since the moving companies are in demand during those times, they tend to increase the costs of their services. The same applies to shipping companies, and even to storage unit renters. So, if you are on a tight budget, try to avoid moving during the summer months.