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Sit Spain

Young people at the start of their bight careers tend to lead a strict way of life full of hard work. That’s why obtaining a balance is vital at this point in an individual’s life. We can achieve such a balance by living in a place that allows us to stay physically and mentally healthy. In addition, living in this environment will ensure you keep your productivity high and have a positive mood. So, if you’re wondering if relocating to Spain is a good idea, you’re at the correct address. Stay tuned to learn why Spain ticks multiple boxes when making a big decision like this one.

If you happen to decide that this country is the right one for your career take-off, make sure to learn about the items you cannot bring into the country.

Benefits of relocating to Spain

There’s no simple yes or no answer regarding if moving to Spain and starting your career there is the right choice. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preferences, wishes, and living situation.

Nevertheless, due to its vibrant culture, rich history, welcoming community, and affordability, we are confident Spain is a good option. Additionally, we learned from the professionals behind that numerous young professionals tend to relocate here if their budget is limited. Low living costs and affordability indeed sound attractive, as a person at the beginning of their career should be able to focus without worrying about other expenses.

So, to help you decide whether relocating to Spain is the right choice, let’s look at the bigger picture.

    Reasons why relating to Spain sounds attractive to young professionals

    Encouraging environment for entrepreneurs 

    Regarding startup companies and entrepreneurship spirit, Spain is the place to be. It has been ranked the 6th best place in Europe for startup companies.

    Undoubtedly, your business has an excellent chance to thrive in this country. So, if you wish to relocate your office here or start from scratch, you should seriously consider this option. But, again, Madrid is the place where 30% of Spanish startups are, meaning there’s a good chance you’ll find a lot of connections.

    Finally, the entrepreneur’s law in Spain strongly supports entrepreneurship and startup companies as an ample aspect of its economy.

    Coworkers working together in a startup company in Spain.

    Affordable life

    Low costs of living and affordability of life are crucial factors the younger professional crowd considers when planning for an international move. So, if you wish to leave the city behind and move abroad from NYC to a place that offers numerous entertainment and enjoyment options for half-price, Spain, especially Madrid, sounds like a good choice.

    We mentioned Madrid because it’s less touristy than Barcelona, and naturally, it’s more affordable to live in. According to recent research, one person’s average monthly living cost is $900, while the average salary in Spain is around $2700.


    Furthermore, Spain is an excellent choice for those not fond of colder climates. This is because this country usually enjoys warmer weather conditions compared to the rest of Europe.

    Southern Spain is the one for those who wish to have more than 300 warm days a year. On the other hand, if you don’t love the heat as much, the north of Spain has humid summers and mild winters thanks to the mountains.

    It might not sound like an obvious connection, but the weather conditions will primarily affect your work life and schedule. So, for instance, if you plan to relocate to the warmer climate in Spain, expect your work day to look something like this:

    • late start of the day,
    • long afternoon break,
    • and a late end to your workday.

      Traveling around the country and commuting is easy

      Visiting the fantastic cities of Spain either because of fun or work will be fun and easy to do. Even if you’re not in a coastal town, you can quickly get there and enjoy your day at the beach with your car, the AVE train, or buses that take people everywhere in Spain.

          Roadtrip in Spain.

          Multiple shopping and entertainment options

          If you are a fashion lover, Barcelona and Madrid will be real shopping paradises. No matter the budget, we are sure you’ll find something to your taste, whether you’re shopping for designer clothes or visiting local flea markets.

          On the other hand, entertainment options in Spain won’t disappoint you either. As a young professional, you will most probably work hard and be in real need of a change of scenery. Luckily, there’s no way you’ll be bored in Spain.

          If you’re a hobby lover, numerous of them await, like golf, fishing, photography, trekking, hiking, etc. Then, throw in this bunch of multiple tourist attractions and historic cities. You’ll simply wish to get in your car and see them all.

              Beautiful environment and nature

              For many people, the environment significantly affects their mental and physical well-being. This can be of vital importance to someone who’s spent their day working in an office. That’s why reconnecting with nature will help in rejuvenating ourselves. And luckily, Spain is abundant in nature and has lovely destinations, from beaches to small villages. So, if these destinations are calling your name, it would be best to plan your finances, find out how to relocate on a budget and spend your coins on exploring this beautiful country.

                  Friendly people (who speak English)

                  Spain will make your expatriate life easier, as most of the nation speaks English. This is mainly because they rely on their tourism and have learned many languages along the way.

                  However, learning Spanish by living there day-by-day can be an exciting and enriching experience for you too. 🙂 This won’t be difficult, as Spanish people welcome foreigners. They are friendly and helpful, so you won’t feel isolated or alone.

                      A group of friends hugging and laughing.

                      Existing ex-pat communities

                      Finally, even though relocating anywhere can be difficult and emotional, it will be much easier if the location you’re moving to already has an ex-pat community.

                      Fortunately, Spain does have it. Once you get in touch, they will advise you and navigate you through a lot of things. This will make it easier to meet other ex-pats and even make lifelong friendships.

                          The takeaway from relocating to Spain as a young professional

                          We hope our list of reasons why relocating to Spain is a good idea for young professionals helps you find your way in your process.

                          There’s no simple answer, but if an international move and starting somewhere fresh sounds like you, Spain is an appealing destination for such an endeavor.

                          Good luck!