Gato en una caja

Moving house can be one of the most upsetting life changes for both humans and pets. Cats are change-averse, which can make moving day very stressful for everyone.

When it’s time to pack up the house and start the move, you can take steps to ease your kitty’s transition. The goal is to keep them calm and comfortable. This will help you avoid fussing, meowing, aggression and escape attempts.

It is important to keep in mind that our pet, when it comes to moving, will require time and considerations specific to it. Often, these considerations go unnoticed, which is why today, on International Cat Day, we wanted to dedicate the blog to tell you some tips that can help when moving with your pet.


To avoid situations of panic and stress in cats you can follow these tips:

Make your cat feel comfortable in its carrier.

Your cat will be spending a lot of time in the carrier on moving day, so make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible.

Fun with moving boxes

Cats love cardboard boxes, which is actually a great advantage for you when it’s time to start packing. Get a few out and let him explore them at his leisure. If you notice he gets nervous, grab his favourite toy and play with him in and around the boxes.

Keep a routine

As with dogs, it’s important to maintain your cat’s routine during the move. Moving house is stressful for cats because of the rapid change in both the environment and the routine of meals, playtime and cuddles from the times they are used to.