Do I need a PCR to enter Spain?

Spain will start to accept tourists without PCR who are already vaccinated with the full vaccination regimen, for those who are not vaccinated it will accept an antigen test.

Spain has started the sanitary de-escalation and in the Relocation and Immigration department of SIT Spain, we tell you the news about the restrictions and sanitary requirements to enter the country. Among the new measures, the admission of rapid antigen tests approved by the European Union as a diagnostic certificate stands out. Until now, only PCR tests, much more expensive and slower than antigen tests, were admitted, which will facilitate international mobility. Until now all foreign workers visiting our country needed to present a negative PCR test and in many other countries a preventive quarantine was necessary, so the activity in terms of labor movements decreased considerably. The regulations came into force this June, and the new features are the vaccination and recovery certificates for travelers from the European Union, as well as the opening to vaccinated tourists from non-EU countries.

Covid-19 diagnostic test certificates with negative results issued within 48 hours prior to arrival in Spain will be accepted as valid. Any of the three aforementioned certificates must be written in Spanish, English, French or German and, if it is not possible to obtain the original in any of these languages, the supporting document must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish made by an official body.

If coming from areas of the European Union, not included in the list of risk countries of the Ministry of Health, it will not be necessary to present any diagnostic test or certificate of vaccination or immunity.

Likewise, if traveling to Spain for tourism from a country that does not belong to the EU but is included in the list of territories with low incidence, excluded from the risk zone, it will be possible to enter without the need of any diagnostic test or certificate of vaccination or immunity.

Those vaccinated with a full schedule will be allowed entry 14 days after receiving the second dose. The vaccine drug must be approved by the European Medicines Agency or the World Health Organization. Exceptions will be made for high-risk areas such as India, Brazil, and South Africa.