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designed to protect as never before

We are experts in the design of custom-made packaging and perform individualized studies of all types of protection systems for artwork. We select the best materials and scientifically test all systems and technologies that we apply, ensuring that they comply with international security norms.

  • Exterior labeling of all packaging
  • NIMF15 regulation compliance to prevent infestation
  • Use of isothermal materials for protection against environmental conditions
  • Impact and vibration isolating system


  • Wooden crates:constructed with materials suitable to be in contact with artwork, and contain thermo-isolated, impact resistant and vibration absorbent properties
  • Double crates:contains an inner crate that reduces and stabilizes temperature and relative humidity changes
  • Slot crates:hold several pieces in one large crate
  • Crates for tapestries: tapestries are rolled over an inner suspended roll
  • Multiple crates: for small format art pieces
  • Trays for textiles: horizontally sliding trays hold textiles in place
  • Guillotine crates:packaging for sculptures and 3D objects with inner cushioned supports
  • Special packaging: designed for artwork with specific characteristics
  • 3D packagings: method used to produce positive/negative of the art piece to be packed


– SPS. Suspension Packing System

Superior quality, re-usable metallic crates that reduce up to 80% vibration and impact.

Patented by SIT in 1992 and scientifically tested at:

  • Oerlikon Contraves, Switzerland. January 1992.
  • A.I.D.I.M.A. Spain. April 1994.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology. United States. March 1995.
  • Pira Internacional. United Kingdom. April 1995 and March 1996.

– SCS. Suspension Climate System

Double, acclimatized crates with SPS dampers that allow for maximum thermal control and vibration isolation.


At SIT, we are always looking for new ways to innovate. In 2002, we received the Best Invention Gold Medal for our ETTRAMED System, at the Salon International des Inventions de Genève.

We have developed new SUPRA C designs:

  • SUPRA C:Electronic device adjustable to any crate that apart from guaranteeing security, allows for continuous follow-up during transport: localization, control points, opening register, etc.
  • MC: Microclimatic frames.
  • ET: ENTRAMED:programmable system that creates a stable microclimate, based on desired conditions

SIT was awarded the Best Invention gold medal presenting ETTRAMED at the Salon International des Inventions de Genève in 2002.


At SIT we have the necessary equipment to take on complex projects. We specialize in handling large quantities and heavy art pieces that may require the use of:

  • Scaffolding
  • Elevators
  • Jib bucket cranes
  • Museum carts
  • Hydraulic wedges/li>


Following the Preventive Conservation criteria, our I+D department is always searching for the most suitable materials for artwork packaging, including those that have neutral pH characteristics and meet the needs of each specific function.

Do not hesitate to consult specifications and prices with our department.