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The Gothic Cathedral of Palencia received more than 67,000 visits for the exhibition “Reborn. The Cathedral transformed”.

With this exhibition, the 7th centenary of this Gothic cathedral was celebrated, an exhibition that appealed to the emotions through a story around the temple itself, its architecture, its artistic wealth and its history that goes back 1,400 years since it is the third largest cathedral in Spain with a Visigothic crypt from the 7th century, unique in the country.

The exhibition included 160 works, some from cathedrals, monasteries, churches and major Spanish museums such as the Prado Museum, the Frederic Marés Museum in Barcelona, the Goya Museum in Zaragoza, the Patriarch’s Museum in Valencia, Burgos Cathedral, Toledo Cathedral, Segovia Cathedral, the Royal Foundation of Toledo…

In total, a legacy of 14 centuries.

La Catedral gótica de Palencia

Many of the pieces on display that had been hidden for centuries have been uncovered to be shown to visitors for the first time.

El Greco, Juan de Flandes, Pedro Berruguete, Gil de Siloé, Alejo de Vahía, Victorio Macho and many others…

Seven contemporary installations were created exclusively for this exhibition, seven Sacraments that captivate the viewer through these different visual and sensory proposals.

After several months on display, last Tuesday was the closing ceremony attended by the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sport, Gonzalo Santonja.

It closes with an excellent balance since, during its time open to the public, more than 65,000 tourists from different autonomous communities have attended and up to 1,740 visitors from 55 different countries including France, United Kingdom and Portugal.

“This exhibition shows that when things are done well, results are obtained. We have gained a key experience for the future. This is a very important day because now the best part begins. We will continue working for Palencia Cathedral, which, as the exhibition has shown, is a treasure. ‘Reborn. La Catedral transformada’ has only been the starting point”, said the councillor.

SIT Spain has had the honour of being able to participate in the movement of the works and has been fortunate to witness an experience that has appealed to the emotions of the observer and a mixture of new forms of artistic expression and traditional artistic disciplines.

La Catedral gótica de Palencia