A sustainable project for a company with eco-values

At SIT Spain we are very happy to collaborate in the reforestation of the Amazon with the NGO Saving The Amazon by contributing our grain of sand with our SIT company forest.

Saving The Amazon has been fighting for years in the conservation of the Amazon by planting trees with local indigenous communities. They do this through a tree adoption program where you and anyone else in the world can have their own tree planted in the Amazon.

SIT Spain’s Corporate Forest has more than a hundred trees that have been planted and are being cared for by the indigenous people of the Tayazú community, considered indigenous and native people in the Amazon. This work contributes to their economic survival, preservation of their territory, and thus to their sustainable future as independent and proud people. The indigenous communities take care of the trees for 36 months and take a biannual photo and send it to us so that we can keep track of each of the trees, which we can see in our email or in the virtual forest thanks to the geo-reference. As a company, SIT receives a certificate notifying the number of trees planted and the participation in the Saving The Amazon project.

We have heard a lot about deforestation, and it is certainly a threat that we cannot stop talking about and that demands structural solutions and our prompt action. As a general rule, deforestation is considered one of the worst actions on the health of a forest, mainly due to the fact of losing the entire vegetation cover, that is, trees and plants of a specific area cataloged as forest, a major problem when we are also talking about the world’s lungs, as is the case of the Amazon.

Saving The Amazon impact has already left its mark on more than 60,000 hectares of conservation with more than 67,000 trees planted and 1,000 indigenous families benefited.