Last month the exhibition ‘Posture and Geometry in the Age of Tropical Autocracy’ arrived at the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, a wonderful exhibition by the Venezuelan artist Alexander Apóstol.

Alexander Apóstol is one of the most outstanding artists in Latin America today. His work has been presented at various international events. Also, his works are part of important public and private collections in museums such as the Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid, Móstoles.

An exhibition dedicated by the Community of Madrid to one of the leading creators on the current Latin American art scene. The exhibition, entitled Posture and Geometry in the Age of Tropical Autocracy, critically analyses the aesthetic processes of political construction in his country of origin, Venezuela.

The exhibition includes video art, “large-format” film installations and “extensive series” of photographs, nearly two hundred large-scale images, which were produced for the occasion of this exhibition.

The exhibition, in which SIT Spain had the good fortune to participate in the artist’s hand, both in its mounting and in the production of all the photographic work and framing, can be visited until 6 November at the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Móstoles, with free admission.

Like other artists of his generation, Alexander Apóstol uses tools such as photography and video, fundamental elements of critique of representation, where the visual culture produced by power, as well as the mass media, become essential elements for working with contemporary art.

A perfect plan to visit this incredible center with family or friends. You can not miss it.