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The ICO Museum presents a photographic exhibition of all the works of Bleda y Rosa.

The ICO Museum presents “Bleda y Rosa”, a photographic exhibition organized by Fundación MAPFRE in collaboration with Fundación ICO (in the framework of PHotoESPAÑA 23) of all the works of the authors, which can be seen from May 31 to September 10.

This is the first joint exhibition in Madrid of the work of photographers Maria Bleda and Jose Maria Rosa.

The work of María Breda (Castellón, 1969) and José María Rosa (Albacete, 1970) is one of the most outstanding references of contemporary Spanish photography. For 30 years they have developed an extraordinary career focused on the reflection of the links that intertwine the representation of the territory with history.

Through nine video installations composed of 264 images made by the artists: Football Fields, Battlefields, Cities, Stays, Memorials, Typologies, Origin, Corporations and Prontuary, the exhibition allows us to approach the specific articulations chosen in each of their series, visualizing the constant dialogue between different projects.

Landscape has been a central thematic focus since its inception in the 1990s, as has the approach to architectural and urban spaces as archives of history and memory, exploring the process of “memorialization” of the past.

Also, it will be possible to enjoy a catalog co-edited by Museo ICO and Fundación Mapfre, which will reproduce both Bleda and Rosa’s series, as well as the texts that are part of each work.

The entire exhibition involves the disappearance of the photographic object and a new way of experimenting with their work.

According to the museum, for the authors, landscape has been a “fundamental” thematic axis, as has been their approach to architectural and urban spaces.

SIT Spain has had the honor of being part of the mounting of this exhibition, as well as witnessing the presentation of these works for the first time in the ICO Museum, the only one in our country dedicated to the dissemination of architecture as an artistic and cultural discipline.

Exposición Bleda y Rosa
Exposición Bleda y Rosa
Exposición Bleda y Rosa