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PRIDE is the word that would perfectly define the feeling we have at SIT Spain for the endurance of our guild mates, the national and international removal companies.

Despite the countless impediments caused by the coronavirus in the logistics and transport sector, such as national and international mobility restrictions, drivers’ sick leave due to contagion and an increase in the cost of operations of between 2%-10%, international removals have remained operational during this uncertain and chaotic year. Let us not forget the incredible work of the professionals in our sector during the closure or total confinement, providing essential services for families in need to return home. They are heroes, always providing cover in the most difficult moments.

In large part, the resistance has been thanks to the companies and their operators who have fulfilled the requirements of control, documentation, costs of carrying out antigen or PCR tests at the assigned points, time to complete the digital records, quarantine of drivers, or detentions at border crossings, among others.

In addition, we must add to all this the new lorry transit measures adopted by the United Kingdom and Europe with the famous BREXIT, which, after a long period of negotiation, made the exit from the European Union effective on 1 February 2020. As a result, it has meant a very important operational and compliance change for international transport companies due to the new customs system.

To conclude, we would like to congratulate all the Spanish international moving companies involved, for their resilience, for adapting, for being flexible, for their work in general. We have shown that we are prepared to resist the strongest crises, even if we leave our lives in it. YES!