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What challenges has your company faced regarding the introduction of new technology solutions?

Adapt or die. Nowadays, adapting to the technological era is not only a harsh mandate but also, for SIT, it’s an opportunity to be a pioneer in terms of market share. Indeed, over the last few years, our company has implemented a series of tools which allow it to carry out the same work it has carried out for decades, but in a more agile way and guaranteeing the efficiency that defines us.

An example of this, a novelty in the last few months, is the possibility of paying a visit to our clients through videoconference, which removes the need to physically be at the premise where the move or transfer is to be carried out. Once the service has been contracted, another key milestone where technology is the protagonist is in the management of our client database. This is such a computerized, flexible and intuitive register that inquiries can be made with simply a couple of clicks. Everyone who hires us to, for example carry out an international move, can track the progress of our services in real time. This is possible thanks to an online platform based on its very own computer application, designed with the SQL server database, which combines modernism and accessibility.

We are aware that an optimal transmission of information internally is essential to deliver an excellent service, as well as to streamline the management process. For this reason, we are currently working on making it possible for each of the team leaders who carry out our moves and transfers to have a tablet device, allowing us to update all the information in real time through cloud storage. However, this won’t be the only tool keeping our workforce together. As of today, every member of the company makes use of the Sparkspace platform, an intranet enabling to organize the different operational areas, to work in coordination across several job functions, with an appropriate management of documents, events, and even a forum tool.

Thanks to this online project manager, teams divide and easily get assigned tasks. With the use of technological tools of this like, the shift to remote working at SIT has been an easy task, especially for those administrative departments that make it possible for services to be carried out.

Evidently, technology is also present in one of our most valuable assets: our transport fleet. Our trucks and trailers are equipped with the latest technology in order to be tracked via GPS while delivering. Meanwhile, our services are performed in an eco-friendlier way: SIT Spain’s fleet is equipped with low-consumption technology and enjoys CO2 emission levels above EURO3, thereby complying with the most stringent European regulations. Acting like this ensures our continuous advancement in our commitment with the natural environment.

Embracing technology is undoubtedly a challenge for large businesses that were not born in the digital age, but it is a fundamental pillar for their own survival.