SIT Spain – Luxury Hotels Moving

There are all sorts of relocations – local, long-distance, and relocations that require specialized moving services. One of the challenge types includes luxury hotels moving. When a hotel owner finds a more suitable location, they will seize the opportunity and relocate. In cases like these, it is crucial to hire professionals!

Find the right type of assistance

Luxury hotels moving is a difficult task. There are plenty of expensive items, and the entire process requires thorough planning and the right type of assistance. With that in mind, hiring movers with the most experience is critical.

Hotels have an array of various pieces of equipment, divided into different categories:

  • beds
  • linen
  • ornate furniture
  • carpets
  • fragile items
  • artwork
  • spa equipment
  • technical equipment

That’s why experienced movers are a necessity. It is the only way to make sure everything is packed with care and diligence.

Moving beds

Beds are one of the most important elements of any hotel, not just the luxurious ones. Any damage to it will cost the hotel a lot of money to replace. When working with a moving company, it is crucial to provide the crew with instructions on how the beds are disassembled and assembled.

When packing beds, separate all the wooden parts from the mattresses.  All mattresses should be stripped of linen and wrapped in protective foil to avoid tears.

Packing linen

The quantity of linen in a luxury hotel is uncredible. For easier packing, it is best to separate everything into categories:

  • mattresses
  • pillows
  • sheets, bed covers, and pillowcases

Following the same example, curtains should go with curtains, towels with towels, and so on. By sorting everything into categories, you can conserve space when packing.

How to properly move ornate furniture

Luxurious hotels are famous for ornate furniture. Many old and expensive pieces should be adequately packed. The most important part is the disassembly. Every piece of furniture is unique in its own way, so take a careful approach. To avoid possible damage, the best thing to do is have someone who knows them in and out.

When it comes to packing, you need to decide if you wish to pack each part of a single piece together or group the same elements of different furniture pieces. For example, table legs are easier to pack if you group them all in bulk.If you have unique items, it may be best to keep all the parts of a single piece together.

For packing such heavy and bulky items, you need specialized crates. First of all, they can be custom-built to match the size of the furniture. In addition, they are sturdy and stable, so there is no need to worry that something will be damaged during transport.

Packing carpets

Hotel carpets are costly. And they are also quite large. Before packing the rugs you should check if they are cleared or needs a restoration. Also, keeping them safe and tightly tied. Roll them in a way that the upper side stays inside the roll. Another idea is to cover the carpet with protective plastic before rolling, so it has an additional layer inside. In conclusion to look a specialized company is the best way to handle your carpets.

Fragile items

One of the most touchy subjects of luxury hotels moving is taking care of fragile items. This mostly includes glass and plate sets, pots, vases, chandeliers, lamps, mirrors, etc. As in the case of any other fragile pieces, everything is in the packing process. All items should be wrapped individually and placed in the packing foam. Glass and plate sets probably have their own packaging, so make sure that everything is in place and tightly wrapped.

Another crucial element is how to load all of these items inside the moving truck. The best approach is to load mirrors vertically and tightly place all of the other boxes around. Everything should be locked in place so it does not slide during the ride.

Packing artwork

Another crucial element of moving luxury hotels is how to take care of art pieces. Paintings and sculptures are easy to damage, so it’s advisable to hire professionals specialized in moving artwork. The experts will know how to properly pack and secure paintings and transport them to the desired location.

Moving spa equipment

The downside of luxury hotel relocation is that there are so many items that require specialized moving services. The spa is the perfect example. Jacuzzis, saunas, massage tables, and all other elements are packed and moved in a different way.Talk with your movers if they can provide disassembly and assembly services of these specialized items.

Technical equipment

All luxury hotels have offices, rooms for presentation, and an array of technical equipment like printers, computers, projectors, etc.Packing and moving all of this equipment does not have to be a day in hell. Movers who specialize in events are a perfect choice since they take care of large pieces of technical equipment daily.

A strategic approach to luxury hotels moving

With so many different items to pack, there are high chances that you will forget something. To prevent this from happening, you first need a list of everything you have in the hotel. Organize a checkup a few weeks before the move and take inventory.

Next, decide how you want to approach the packing. Usually, it is best to pack everything floor by floor. After that, do the lobby, restaurant, spa, and other areas individually until everything is ready to go.

Key takeaways for moving luxurious hotels

To wrap up this guide on luxury hotels moving, let’s summarize the key elements that require the most attention:

  • all of the different categories require a different type of packing
  • to avoid damage or delays, specialized moving services are a must
  • decide on the best packing order to make sure nothing is forgotten
  • Work closely with the movers to cover all important elements

A project of this size will require a lot of time and effort, but with the right type of help, luxury hotels moving can be done quickly and efficiently!