Moving to a completely new country somewhere far away can be both an exciting and daunting task. Exciting because you will be turning a new leaf and starting a new adventure. However, even though that adventure comes with a new job, new love, or something third, it also comes with a hefty price tag. There are many moving costs to take into account. For example, you will have to take care of packing and unpacking, shipping, insurance, and many other things. So, yes, moving abroad can be expensive. Luckily, SIT Spain is here to help you out. Keep on reading if you need some tips for reducing international moving costs.

 Moving Costs to Consider, SIT Spain advisory

Let us start by mentioning what moving costs you have to consider first. Trust us, it is not all black and white. Many factors can either increase or lower the final cost of your international move. So, before you start preparing for your relocation, pay attention to the following:

  • The size and weight of the things you plan on relocating: One thing is for sure, the more stuff you plan on taking with you, the more expensive the move will be. Moving and shipping companies always charge by the size and weight of the things you ship.
  • Distance: Logically, the final cost of your move will depend on how far you plan on moving.
  • Route: Some routes are simply cheaper than others. For example, if you plan on moving somewhere common like the USA, Canada or Europe, the transport will be cheaper. But, if your route is more complicated, you will definitely need more money.
  • Mode of transportation: Your price will also largely depend on the mode of transport you choose. In the past, road transport was the most common, nowadays you also have air and sea transport. You can use all three for the export or import commercial goods or transporting your personal items.

Consider Your Mode of Transportation. SIT Spain advisory

Shipping prices can be outrageous. They are actually the most expensive part of any relocation, especially an international one. So, try to find a transportation and shipping mode that is best for your budget and your needs.

As previously mentioned, you have three options: road, sea and air transport. Road transport is mostly used for local or short-distance moving, so avoid that. Sea transport is the cheapest option, but bear in mind that you will have to wait a long time until your stuff arrives. And finally, air transport is the most expensive one, but it is also the fastest and the most convenient way of shipping. So, do some researching and calculating and see which option works best for you.