Executive Team

José Luis Tabuenca (CEO, General Manager)

Inés Tabuenca (Moving and International Mobility Manager)

Ana Tabuenca (Fine Arts and Museography Manager)

Executives and Representatives

Víctor Boto (Human Resources Manager)

Luis Culla (Finance Manager)

Luis Ropero (Legal Manager)

Miguel Hoffmeyer (Traffic manager)

Javier Teba (Industrial Department Manager)

Antonio Saavedra (International Moving Services Executive)

Asunción Guillermo (Commercial Fine Arts and Museography Manager)

Kristian Jensen (Commercial Moving and International Mobility Executive)

Carla Torres (Relocation Executive)

Antonio Vadillo (Sales Executive)

José Luis Tabuenca Rivero (Digital & Marketing CMO)

Julián López (Storage Executive)

Javier Cabrera (Executive Sevilla Representative)

Mercedes Trujillo (Executive Barcelona Representative)

Iratxe González (Executive Bilbao Representative)