The global pandemic has affected all spheres of our lives, making us slow down and adjust how we live and work. Even though many things have changed, people had to continue with their lives – with altered conditions. Moving house is one of the things some people couldn’t avoid, even during the pandemic. If you’re getting ready for such a step, this is a guide for you. We’ll discuss common challenges of immigration during the pandemic, so you can know what to expect and make this move safe and easy and reduce the stress to the minimum.


One of the common challenges you can face when moving during a pandemic is the unpredictability of your moving process. You should keep in mind that every country creates and changes its travel regulations. Moreover, they can change very quickly, as restrictions are shaped according to the current pandemic situation. That’s why you should be ready for almost every scenario.

Indeed, it’s essential to plan your trip and stick to it, but don’t get stressed if something doesn’t go as planned. As you can’t change anything about the pandemic rules and guidelines, the best thing you can do is to stay updated at all times. Double-check the information related to the isolation, vaccine, wearing a mask, and similar info in the country you’re traveling to. There are some universal rules, such as social distancing, yet other regulations may differ.

Postponing the moving day

Another turn on the unpredictability – your moving day may be delayed if you or somebody else involved in the process gets sick. Don’t travel if you are experiencing any symptoms – even though you feel like you could do this, it’s best to postpone the moving day for a while. High fever or any other symptoms will cause you troubles during traveling, at the airport, etc. International relocations are not easy, and the stress may cause you to feel worse. To avoid that, be sure to postpone your trip. Also, make sure you find a professional moving team to help you get your belongings transferred overseas. It is essential to trust your items to someone reliable with a lot of experience in moving abroad. This way, you won’t have to worry about your belongings even if you don’t feel well at the time of your move.

Meeting new people is more challenging  

One of the things some people find hard after moving abroad is making new friends and connections. Unfortunately, immigration during the pandemic makes this even more challenging. As people are not going out and meeting as much as before, meeting someone new has become more complicated. However, the thing that helps is undoubtedly the internet and social media.

The online world has become more utilized than ever, making communication easy and more common. Therefore, make sure you use social media networks, contact your new colleagues online, join a Facebook group popular among locals or people that share your interests. For some, meeting new people online first is a much better option anyway. You can communicate online for a while before feeling relaxed to meet in person.

Feeling homesick may be intensive

One of the common challenges for ex-pats is feeling homesick and lonely at times. The global pandemic and the fact it’s harder to meet with new colleagues and acquaintances may intensify those feelings. Also, new residents often have to go through the isolation period after moving abroad. This may make you feel lonely – you’re all alone in a new place, not being able to go out and explore. However, you should try to be positive about this.

Do your best to keep in touch with your old friends and family during and after this period. Video chats and social media can be the primary communication channel to stay in touch with the people you love. Also, try to make this time fun and productive. Use these days to completely unpack, clean your new home, workout by following some of the online workout programs, cook, etc. You’ll see you’ll be out and about in no time!

Adapting to the new environment becomes more difficult

New home takes time to adapt to. Moving abroad means you need weeks and even months to adjust to the new environment, get to know your new city better, etc. The global pandemic makes this process a bit harder. Depending on the current pandemic situation in the country, some areas may be closed or restricted for visitors. This may stop you from properly exploring your new home and feeling at home soon. However, there are things you can do to make this easier. Some programs help ex-pats adapt to the new surroundings, such as language courses, virtual tours of famous sights, etc. It’s essential to be open-minded about this and stay optimistic – this pandemic is soon going away.

Some tips for safer immigration during the pandemic

Staying safe during the move is crucial, especially when moving abroad and traveling long-distance. These steps will help you increase the safety of your travel, minimizing the risks of catching the virus:

  • Keep the social distance whenever possible
  • Avoid busy travel times
  • Clean and sanitize all your belongings – even the ones you packed in the boxes
  • Use the online services for shopping, organizing your travel, checking in at the airport, etc.
  • Protect yourself during travel more than usual – wear a mask, wash hands and use sanitizer frequently.

Most importantly, prepare for this move – mentally and physically. Immigration during the pandemic can be pretty challenging, so you need to be ready for it. Make sure you strengthen your body and your immune system in weeks before this travel. Also, organize your relocation details so that you can avoid problems and stress – mental preparation is one of the essential steps for a safe and smooth relocation.