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Are you moving office?

Moving to a new office is just as complex as moving to a new home, it is necessary to pack up large pieces of furniture, multiple rooms with different objects and, in general, there is not much time to do it as the company cannot afford to stop providing services for a long time.

There is no doubt that moving to a new office is a lot of work, regardless of whether it is a small company or a multinational, which is why we at SIT would like to give you a list of requirements that you must fulfil when moving to a new office space.

Since it is a process that involves a lot of planning, it is advisable to start organising the logistics of the move itself about 6 months in advance.

Check the current lease:

If the office lease has not yet ended, you will need to consider whether you are likely to lose the security deposit; also whether there is damage to the various rooms and whether repairs need to be made to leave it as you found it.

    Traslado de oficinas

    Prepare a moving plan:

    Don’t forget all the electrical installations made during your instance, as well as accessories, signage, logos, furniture, etc. It is not only about emptying the place, but also about dismantling and restoring everything that has imperfections.

    Take out moving insurance:

    Generally professional moving companies offer cover for removals, at SIT Spain the insurance cover will take effect from the moment the movement begins for the loading of the insured goods and ends at the moment unloading is completed at the destination, subsisting during the transport. This includes office furniture and furnishings.

    Back up important documents:

    Since there will be a lot of movement and stress during this process, a good idea is to make an online compilation of all necessary and important documents to centralise all this information.

    Announce the move to your employees:

    Don’t wait until the last minute to announce the move, send an email to all departments in the company announcing the move and then hold meetings to explain to people what the process will be like. The new address, the moving date, the reason for the move and the key dates of the whole process they should be aware of.

    Communicate your expectations about when they should pick up their cubicles, offices or workstations, when services are disconnected, etc.

    Some employees may request changes to their workspaces or daily needs, so be open to hearing feedback.

      Traslado de oficinas
      Traslado de oficinas

      Make an inventory:

      Once you have surveyed your new office space, take an inventory and record what you can and cannot take with you. You may have to get rid of some things because there is no space in the new office or because equipment needs to be upgraded.

      Carry out accurate planning:

      When are telephones disconnected, when do desks need to be cleared, when is the internet installed in the new office? These are details that need to be taken into account in order not to lose days of work. 

      Plan with the IT department the installation of computers in the new location, one of the biggest complications inherent in moving to a new office space is the disconnection and reconnection of all the technology, it is a big job and it is essential to start this process as soon as possible.

      Notifies the transfer outside the company:

      Inform your business partners, customers, suppliers and anyone else with whom you have a business relationship that you are moving. They will need to know your new contact information and may have questions about how the move will affect them.

      Update the address:

      Update the company’s website, financial accounts, social media accounts, subscriptions and business listings (Google, local directories, etc.) with the address of their new office.

        Traslado de oficinas

        Make requests for change of address:

        It’s better to start updating documents with your new address sooner rather than later, so place your orders for new business cards, envelopes, merchandising, etc. just when you know your new address. It is much better to have all updated documents on hand before the move than to risk spending days or weeks without them in your new space.


        Moving to a new office is a lot of work, but you’re probably doing it for a good reason. Knowing that there is a specialised team taking care of all the moving parts will help ease the stress and keep you on track.

        At SIT Spain we are specialists in Office Relocation, for this we initially carry out a personalised study of the process to be carried out, one of our sales staff makes an inspection visit and so we have the service under control in terms of the materials required and the means to be used.

        Once the estimate has been approved, we take charge of the transfer, preparation, packing and transport of all the material together with the equipment and furniture, and then we unload, install and assemble the equipment and furniture in the new office, all of this in the hands of the best specialists and with quality materials that guarantee an optimum service that is of total satisfaction for the client.

        Ready to organise your office move?