It is a common doubt among many people and families who are planning a move, today from SIT Spain we are going to tell you a little from our experience what we consider to be the best time to make the move.

In reality, not everyone can decide when to move, but with planning everything is possible, many people have to do it for work, when their company requires it or for personal reasons that are out of their hands, if you have the possibility to choose when to do it, here are some tips.

In the years that we have been in the service we know that the time of highest demand for this service is the summer, month in which the children are on holiday as most of the employees of the companies, for this reason some major cities are emptier than at other times, which makes things a little easier, also many companies have summer hours and this gives a little more flexibility.

Summer can be a good option, but you have to take into account that as there is much more demand there is less availability of dates, so prices tend to be higher. On the positive side, it is the warmest time of the year, there will probably be no rain, which will make things easier, but the heat is sometimes very intense.

In autumn and spring the demand is lower so there will probably be more availability, better prices and there are no extreme temperatures, neither hot nor cold, so it is a good time. In fact, we consider it to be the best time to move but not a time when everyone can due to family or work conditions.

Winter tends to be a seasonal period with many events and less favourable temperatures for services, but it is also true that demand is lower than in summer and it helps that the price is more competitive.

So, if you are wondering what is the best time to move, it would be in autumn or spring, but as we mentioned before, it is up to you, your preferences, when is the best time for you, whatever you decide, we will be here to help you in this process and make your move professional, simple, easy and fast from start to finish at any time of the year.