Sit Spain
Sit Spain


Many stories to tell

SIT Grupo Empresarial is a family-owned company founded in 1960. Since then, the business has evolved in a constant and safe way, maintaining its leadership in Spain in its business areas: national and international moving, immigration and relocation services, transport of fine arts and museographic projects, achieving an acknowledged reputation both in Spain and abroad.



Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to offer a unique personal and professional service, with the aim of creating a community, a familiar bond with our clients for their national and international mobility through the years; we have a long-term relationship vision. Excellence is our main value, which is why we offer the highest quality in our work thanks to the exceptional human team, a great business infrastructure and many years of experience.

Our Commitment

The environmental care and educational trainings are SIT’s major value proposals. Therefore, we have an EcoSIT area which cares about reducing our vehicles’ CO2 emissions, the recycling of our materials and the contribution to recover forests. Regarding education, we have provided more than 400 courses in different Masters and Educational Centers specialized in fine arts and museography with the aim of educating students of all parts of Spain.

Our Differentiation

SIT is the leader company in the sectors of billing, employee number and work years. Thanks to our employees’ talent we have the best ratings by our clients and suppliers. We have dealt with the most prestige and complex transport projects in Spain from the last 50 years. Historic movings such as “El Templo de Debod” (Nubia, Egypt-Madrid 1971) or “Museo del Ejército” (Madrid-Toledo, 2008) show the high level services we can offer, we confront any type of projects.