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SIT has a modern vehicle fleet specially designed and equipped for the transport of cultural goods. Our trucks have the latest technology in mechanic, security, air conditioning and geolocation. This, together with our team’s experience and professionalism, makes it possible to achieve the highest peak levels in preventive conservation during the transport. We have 11 award-winner drivers with more than 1.000.000 kms with no accidents.


Our equipped vehicles with air conditioning systems allow a continuous control of the climate conditions during the transport, together with fire detection and extinction using a non-polluting fluid NOVEC® (harmless for people and fine arts), and current time location systems (GPS follow-up through mobile apps).

Design and Environment

We have vehicles with EURO6 motors of low consumption and low CO2 emission, following the European legislation and solving any types of mobility restrictions.

At SIT we have developed our own trucks adapted to the specific clients and cultural goods’ needs (dimensions, weight, composition, etc…). This allows us to carry out services with the highest professional quality and rigor.


Our fleet has impact and vibration absorption systems due to its tire suspension. All vehicles have an elevating platform that allows them to ensure and facilitate the loading and unloading operations.

The vehicle’s bodies are isometric with security panels and all vehicles have an alarm system and high security locks. We travel at all times with 2 licensed drivers.


At SIT we are experts on airport services in the area of cultural goods’ transport. The thorough control of each one of our movings differentiates us, having the capacity to speed up procedures and deadlines thanks to the work of our specialized personnel.


SIT carries out all the arrangements related to needed customs procedures in each boarding (imports/exports) with special incidents in the transport of cultural goods, such as: custom document formalization, declarations issue, duties or transit formalities.

To do this we have a specialized team (with more than 20 years of experience), and important logistic and our own office at the cargo terminal of the Madrid-Barajas airport that allows us to do a follow-up of each one of the services / boardings.

    Air load

    At SIT we put a special control emphasis at the loading process. To do this we foresee in advance the sending planning and have different agreements with airline and handling companies which allow us the maximum access authorized through their facilities.

    We also have specialized personnel on packaging and palletisation, with an average experience of 15 years and continuous training. All of which allow us to achieve the maximum efficiency, attention and security.

    Runway Supervision

    Our supervisors authorized to access the airport facilities allow us to guarantee the maximum control during the boarding process. These personnel also carries out tasks like the pick-up and support of couriers during the operations of loading, unloading, customs control and cultural goods’ transport.

    As an addition, we have an office at the cargo terminal in the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez airport for its use and break.