Sit Spain
Sit Spain

Experts in National and International Movings, Inmigration, Relocation and Fine Art's Transportation Services

Moving and Storage Services

Leaders in National, International and Office Moving Services.

International Mobility

Excellent International Immigration, Relocation and Cultural Management Services for Companies and Individuals.

Fine Arts

Experts in Conservation, Coordination and Fine Art´s Transportation.


Architects, Graphic Designers, Museography and Museography technicians to undertake any type of projects.


SIT Spain is the nº1 company in National and International Movings, Immigration, Relocation and Fine Art’s Transportation Services.

SIT Grupo Empresarial
is a family-owned company founded in 1960

Since then, the company has evolved in a constant and safe way, maintaining its leadership in Spain during this period in its business areas: international movings and fine art`s transportations, achieving a recognized reputation both in Spain and overseas.

Our specialized personnel, the international reputation and our excellent relationships with the overseas agents allow us to guarantee the best quality services in any city of the world.

Our Value Promise: Unique and Excellent Personal and Professional attention.


SIT and the Gothic Cathedral of Palencia

SIT and the Gothic Cathedral of Palencia

The Gothic Cathedral of Palencia received more than 67,000 visits for the exhibition "Reborn. The Cathedral transformed". With this exhibition, the 7th centenary of this Gothic cathedral was celebrated, an exhibition that appealed to the emotions through a story...

How to transport a work of art?

How to transport a work of art?

How to transport a work of art? Behind every work of art you see in a museum or exhibition, there is a team of specialised logistics operators in charge of transporting these works with the greatest possible care. When you think of moving lorries, the first thing that...

SIT and “La Dama de Elche”

SIT and “La Dama de Elche”

Last week we commented on the 125th anniversary of the discovery of the Dama de Elche. It was in 1897 when one of the most fascinating and well-known examples of universal Iberian art came to light: the famous Lady of Elche. Nowadays, there are few archaeological...

SIT Spain and Alexander Apóstol

SIT Spain and Alexander Apóstol

Last month the exhibition 'Posture and Geometry in the Age of Tropical Autocracy' arrived at the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, a wonderful exhibition by the Venezuelan artist Alexander Apóstol. Alexander Apóstol is one of the most outstanding artists in Latin America...

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Our International Partnerships and Certifications

Our Competitive Advantage

We are active members of the most prestigious International Moving and Relocation Associations, whose members form our International Partners Network and are an extension of our own high professional standards, guaranteeing the success of our services.

Therefore, our certifications represent the highest quality standards in Global Mobility and Relocation.

certificaciones internacionales de sit spain


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