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Ignacio Barroso, Sales Mobility manager at Sit Spain

Technology applied to mobility management, the key to Sit Spain’s success.

In today’s world where corporate decision making needs to be faster and more efficient, managing international and domestic employee mobility from the HR side is no exception.

Managing the transfer of employees to different locations around the world involves the use of specialized software tools to help HR teams make decisions and implement them in the shortest possible time and manage the associated costs.

Aware of the needs of Human Resources departments, Sit Spain, the number one company in Spain for removals, migration services, relocation and museography, implemented years ago a software that provides answers and solutions to all the needs of both the end customer (transferee and family), the company (Human Resources) and our service coordinators.

The perfect integration of the three parties through our software tool, from the beginning of the assignment until the end of it, not only helps the control and the perfect execution of the necessary services, but also helps the control of expenses, limits the necessary time and keeps all parties informed in real time.

Updated information The HR department will have access at all times to updated information on the location of their employees and family members, their immigration status with alarms for renewal dates, communications to the Social Security, the status of their move, dates and alarms regarding the rental contract of the housing in the destination location, among others.

Our experience with the HR departments with which we collaborate confirms the growing importance they attach to having all the information updated instantly, and based on digitized international mobility know-how software, for making decisions that are often crucial in their business.

Our IT department adapts in each case our software tool to the needs of each company, making a tailor-made suit for the HR department, both in the head office and in subsidiary companies, if required, and with all the specifications required: type of international assignment, duration, professional level, country, studies…

Among other functions, our system allows you to:

  • Track assignments of employees and their families in their various locations, with details of dates, roles, responsibilities….
  • Manage visas and work permits with the corresponding requirements.
  • Securely store and manage important documents such as passports, employment contracts, housing rental agreements, tax returns….
  • Ensure compliance with international labor laws and regulations.
  • Effective communication between expatriate employees and the HR team can be managed through our software tool.
  • Adaptability to integrations with third-party software and adaptive to different devices such as tablet, mobile devices…
  • Reports and analysis with all key indicators on the performance of assignments (costs, locations, times, security…), which we can tailor.

Necessary information From the point of view of the end user, the assignee, and based on the policy set in each case by HR, our tool starts with a welcome questionnaire to the user with questions related to their commute so that they can be given recommendations (travel times to the office, types of transportation, different areas of the city recommended for living, schools, hospitals, leisure…).

The transferee will only have access to his own case for which he will be provided with access codes and, depending on the services that were approved by HR, he will have online access in real time to connect to our system where he will be able to check: his particular documentation and the status of his services (if it is a removal: pick-up date, insurance, inventory of belongings, transit, delivery date…; for immigration services: visas, work permits, expiration dates, possible renewal appointments…; for relocation services: housing rental contract, appointments arranged to view homes, schools for your children, cultural adaptation courses, registration with utilities. ..).

All this in direct contact with our coordinators who will deliver the contracted services in each case and report to HR. Of course, the technological architecture of our tool offers total security, with encryption in the protocols, private keys for access to the system administration and application to the legal regulations with the treatment of personal data.

In summary, Sit Spain recommends HR departments to use tailor-made software in each case, which allows to manage in an effective and structured way the processes related to international mobility ensuring compliance and efficiency and being a positive experience for both the transferee and the organization in general.