Assorted paintings on a red wall.

In this new blog, we would like to recommend an interesting narrative that has been published in Spain by Anagrama.

It is called Obra maestra (Masterpiece) by journalist Juan Tallón. At SIT, it is especially close to our hearts because of the subject matter and the event on which it is based.

As you will see, when you start it, it is about the mysterious and extraordinary disappearance of a 38-ton iron plate sculpture! By the artist Richard Serra.

The story unfolds in a very interesting and light way through very diverse protagonists and testimonies that the author has gathered.

It takes us to Spain and Madrid in the 90s, but in essence we can identify and understand it perfectly as if it were happening today, with all the social, political and economic characteristics that we see every day on the news.

Custody, or to put it more simply, the storage of a work of art is a more important and complex responsibility than it might seem. Not only because of the security and surveillance involved in this type of service, which of course must be effective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

It is necessary to have electronic alarm systems of presence and/or intrusion with direct connection to the police. With fire detection and extinguishing systems, but not with water sprinklers, as these are works of art, products that do not damage the materials of objects such as NOVEC should be used.

The environmental conditions of humidity, temperature and light must be adequately controlled and regulated. Nowadays, it is even necessary to monitor the presence of contaminating vapors that could damage the surface of the works of art. And, above all, an absolute pest control so that no insects nest in the works under custody.

Fortunately, as mentioned in the book “Obra Maestra”, the works that were in SIT’s warehouses during that same period did not have any problems when the corresponding audits were carried out.

We hope you enjoy it.