El equipo técnico de SIT participa en distintos proyectos europeos I+D de conservación de Bienes Culturales que tienen por objeto la innovación en materia de conservación preventiva dentro de los museos, el control climático y de calidad del aire, y los embalajes para transporte (Pro Paint, Memori, Nanoforart, Techno Heritage).

Special Vitrines

Design and production of vitrines with special characteristics: active acclimatization, anoxia, anti-seismic, of security and exhibit walls of high security.

Microclimate Frames

We are inventors and manufacturers of microclimate frame control. Designed individually according to each art’s characteristics, searching for the highest stability and the best environmental results.

3D study and digitalization

Related with conservation we offer detailed studies of: 3D digitalization, digital infrared visualization and ultrasound prospection.