El Arte Urbano: Expresión Creativa en las Calles

The Garnelo Museum of Montilla has opened its doors to a new artistic era, highlighting the majesty of “The Grotto of Lourdes” and revealing the unique essence of the former Chapel-Oratory of Our Lady of Sorrows.

This exceptional museum, which houses the first frescoes by José Santiago Garnelo y Alda with his sister Eloísa (1886), has witnessed a solemn reopening presided over by the Mayor of Montilla, Rafael Llamas.

The event marked the beginning of an exciting phase for the Garnelo Museum, where visitors will have the opportunity to rediscover the works of José Santiago Garnelo y Alda, a painter considered the most cultured of his time.

The former Chapel-Oratory, belonging to the Casa de las Aguas, is now presented as an exceptional exhibition space, offering a unique experience in the world of contemporary Spanish art.

In an emotional tribute to Manuel Cabello de Alba, the main promoter of the exhibition space, and Joaquín Cuello Garnelo, nephew of the artist, the Casa de las Aguas has become the epicenter of the rich artistic heritage of Montilla. The figure of Garnelo is re-emerging as an essential figure in contemporary Spanish painting, and the City Council of Montilla has supported this rebirth by allocating 14,000 euros from the Provincial Council’s Plan Más Provincia to the works of the Garnelo Museum.

The jewel in the crown, “The Grotto of Lourdes,” has been carefully restored thanks to an agreement between the Consistory and the Prado Museum. Ana Isabel Ortega and Javier Calvo, renowned specialists, carried out the restoration at the Restoration Workshop of Spain’s main art gallery. This canvas, measuring 273 x 402 cm, immerses viewers in the Marian sanctuary of Lourdes, with a scene recreated by Garnelo y Alda.

El Arte Urbano: Expresión Creativa en las Calles

The commitment of the City Council of Montilla with the Prado Museum has borne fruit over the years, culminating in the transfer of notable works such as “The Death of Lucan” five years ago. With “The Grotto of Lourdes,” this collaboration is further strengthened, consolidating the “deposit” formula that allows us to enjoy three works in Montilla, along with “The Death of Lucan” and “Jesus, Spring of Love.”

Participation of SIT Spain Arte:

We would like to highlight the fundamental participation of SIT Spain Arte in this artistic project. Our dedication and experience have been essential in the assembly and presentation of these masterpieces, elevating the Museo Garnelo experience to new levels.

The synergy between art and professionalism has been possible thanks to the commitment that represents us, adding a unique value to the opening of the museum.

El Arte Urbano: Expresión Creativa en las Calles


The reopening of the Garnelo Museum is more than a cultural event; it is an invitation to immerse yourself in the beauty, history and artistic mastery that define Montilla. This renowned museum stands as a cultural beacon, lighting the way for future generations to appreciate and celebrate the richness of Spain’s artistic legacy.