El Arte Urbano: Expresión Creativa en las Calles

The Palacio de Liria, located in the heart of Madrid, is a place with a rich history and architectural beauty. But it is not only the architecture that makes this place special; it is also home to one of Spain’s most prestigious aristocratic families: the House of Alba.

This palace has witnessed centuries of history, and today, it houses a fascinating exhibition that allows us to travel back in time through the fashion and style of this influential family.

The House of Alba and its Legacy

The House of Alba, one of Spain’s oldest noble dynasties, has played a prominent role in the country’s political and cultural life for centuries. The family has amassed an impressive collection of art, historical documents and, of course, fashion throughout its history.

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to explore the family’s wardrobe and understand how fashion has evolved over the years.

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An Exceptional Fashion Collection

The exhibition “Fashion at Casa de Alba” immerses us in a world of dazzling dresses, exquisite jewelry and accessories that have been worn by the women of the family over the centuries. The exhibition includes pieces from different periods, from the eighteenth century to the twentieth century, allowing us to appreciate the evolution of fashion over the years.

From richly embellished period costumes to more contemporary style dresses, the exhibition presents a diverse range of styles that reflect not only the fashion of the time, but also the personality and taste of the women of the House of Alba.

Renowned Designers and Collaborations

The House of Alba has not only been known for its taste in fashion, but also for its relationship with renowned designers. Some of the gowns on display are creations of iconic designers who worked in collaboration with the family. These designers lent their talents to create unique and exclusive pieces that enhance the beauty and elegance of the women of the House of Alba.

A Vision of Spanish History

Exploring this exhibition is like embarking on a journey through the history of Spain. Each garment and accessory tells a story, from the times of the monarchy to the political and social changes of the 20th century. The fashion of the House of Alba reflects not only the evolution of fashion, but also key moments in the history of Spain.


If you are a lover of fashion, history or Spanish culture, the exhibition “Fashion at Casa de Alba” at the Palacio de Liria is a must-see. You will immerse yourself in the elegance and style of one of Spain’s most influential families and experience fashion through the centuries in a unique way.

The exhibition is a reminder that fashion is more than just clothing; it is an art form that reflects the identity and evolution of a society over time. The House of Alba has been an integral part of Spanish history, and this exhibition is a window into its world of elegance and tradition.

So, if you have the opportunity to visit the Palacio de Liria, don’t hesitate to explore this exhibition. I assure you that you will be impressed by the beauty and history behind each garment and piece of jewelry. Don’t miss it!