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The life of an expat is an exciting one. You get to live in a new fascinating country and explore different cultures and traditions. You also get to start fresh and reinvent yourself. On the other hand, it has its tough sides as well. Living as an expat is not for everyone. You need to be adaptable and ready to face specific challenges. You need to make a life there for yourself; that takes particular knowledge and skills. Moving to a new country away from family and friends can get lonely. And having a healthy social life is incredibly important. But every country is different and has its social scene. So we decided to help those moving to Spain and share some tips on how to make friends as an expat in Madrid.

Make friends as an expat in Madrid with these tips

  • Don’t underestimate the power of the internet
  • Use social media
  • Be open to the new culture
  • Stay close to your family and home
  • Go out

The Internet is your ally

One of the most significant benefits of the internet is that now we are all connected, and you can find out anything you want in just a few minutes. Chances are you are not the only person who has ever decided to go live as an expat in Madrid and wanted to make friends. Plenty of people were or are going to be in a situation similar to yours. And that’s incredibly useful to you.

There is a community of expats on the internet that help each other, give advice on common issues expats face, and share helpful tips. Learning how to cope with the biggest expat problems is much easier when you have help like this. Joining these online expat groups even before you arrive in Madrid is a great idea. Be upfront and say you are scared of being lonely in this new country. The expat community in Madrid will be welcoming and help you with this. It’s good to know already somebody (even if it’s just online) before you arrive there.

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Use social media

Social media can be of great help to an expat in Madrid. You can use it to share your journey as an expat and present yourself to the world. The key is to be honest, friendly, and authentic. People will appreciate that; they will reach out to you and send you a message in your inbox/dm. There are many social media apps today, such as Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. But according to research, the most used social media apps in Spain are Instagram and Facebook. So focus on sharing your expat journey on those apps, as you are more likely to connect with people in Madrid that way.

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Adapt to the new culture

If you want to make friends in Madrid, you must be open to their culture and traditions. You must accept new things and be willing to put in the effort. You must mainly learn the language as it can be a big barrier. Making friends in Madrid will be much easier if you learn Spanish. People will warmly respond to the fact that you made an effort to adapt to their country and its traditions. You can take Spanish classes there and connect with other people trying to master Spanish. Take some cooking classes and learn to make some traditional Spanish dishes.

Keep your home close to you

While on a quest to make friends in Madrid, don’t forget to keep your home and family close to you. It can get lonely at the beginning, and it’s easy to lose morale. That’s why you should regularly stay in touch with your family and bring a little piece of home with you. It can be anything from a family heirloom, photos, or anything that has emotional value to you. Just remember to prepare any valuable and delicate items for this relocation because you don’t want them damaged in transit. According to experts at Number 1 Movers Canada, it’s best to hire professionals in this situation, as they know how to pack your items carefully so they are protected. This way, you will have something to keep you positive and less lonely.

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You have to go out!

You won’t make friends as an expat in Madrid if you are cooped up in your house all day. Therefore, you must be social and go out to meet new people and make connections. Go to bars and local events. Madrid has many local events and festivals you should visit. Celebrations such as Virgen de La Paloma, Noche en Blanco (The White Night), The Madrid Gastrofestival, or the Mad Cool music festival are great places to meet new people. Also, take up a hobby and attend pottery or painting classes. It’s easy to make friends with someone when you are both trying to learn a new skill. Going to yoga or Pilates can also be an excellent way to make friends.

In conclusion

Living as an expat in Spain is an excellent calling for those who want more excitement and love experiencing new cultures. And while it can get lonely initially, you can make friends as an expat in Madrid if you follow our tips. Just know that these things don’t happen overnight. It takes time to find your people. Making real true friends is a journey. You must put in the time and effort to achieve meaningful connections. Also, you must stay positive those first few months, even if it gets challenging. The key is not giving up and believing that the right people will come to you. Instead, be friendly and outgoing and go to local events and celebrations. And be smart about utilizing the internet and social media to make connections before you arrive at your destination.