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When moving house, we can come across any type of object, and we often come across musical instruments that are very difficult to transport, such as a grand piano, for example.

Given its fragility and its great economic value, it is essential to know how to transport it in order to avoid damage during the move.

Taking good care of your musical instrument is just as important as the rest of your belongings, as they are not only expensive but also very fragile compared to furniture and household appliances.

Furthermore, taking good care of your instrument is vital to be able to practice with it later on.

So, although the move may disrupt your playing routine until you are fully adjusted to your new home, do your best not to succumb to the onslaught of free or unplayed time.

Our recommendation is, without a doubt, that you entrust the removal of your musical instruments to companies that specialise in removals and are used to transporting delicate objects.

CHow to pack and prepare a piano for a move

Having a piano at home is great, until the day comes when you have to transport it and the headaches start, but don’t worry, there are sure-fire ways to get it to your new home intact.

Of course, moving a musical instrument of this size is no easy task and is best left to professionals. But what can you do to make the process easier?

First of all, make sure that the keyboard lid is securely closed or tied down. Do not use adhesives to pack the piano, as they can damage the wood.

Never try to lift the piano by its legs, it is best to use a special trolley to load it onto the lorry, but this will be done by specialists.

If you have a grand piano, it may have to be dismantled before the move. And one last tip: to keep the piano’s internal mechanism safe, make sure you always keep it upright when you lift it.

When it comes to packing, there are three things to keep in mind, depending on the type of musical instrument, so that it arrives safely:


    • Ideally, boxes should be made to fit the musical instrument itself

    • The object should not “dance” inside the box

    • If there are spaces left over, they can be filled with bubble wrap


    • The right temperature prevents instruments from deteriorating.
    • Therefore, avoid sudden changes in temperature and humidity.
    • The ideal humidity level for transporting instruments is between 40% and 55%.


        • Once the transfer has taken place, it refines the piece.

            It is very common, and due to lack of knowledge, to make certain basic mistakes when moving your musical instruments, for example:

                Do not take size and weight into account:

                The main difficulty when moving a piano lies in its weight and dimensions. Depending on the type of piano you have, most of them cannot be moved by means of furniture or elevators, so you will have to take measures to ensure that it does not suffer any kind of damage when going down the stairs.  

                    Not using the right vehicle:

                    Not just any type of car can be used due to its size, the best is to use a lorry or van that allows the piano to be fixed to the walls so that it does not move during the journey.

                        Balancing the piano during transport:

                        The less manipulation, the better. Try to minimise movements and think before you do things. Think that a team of at least 3 people will be needed to move it, depending on the weight. It will make it easier to move it in the same position or vertically.

                            Do not attach importance to external protection:

                            Correct packing takes the headache out of packing and ensures safety. It is advisable to use blankets or other padded materials to protect it, the most sensitive areas are the bottom and corners so pay special attention to these details.

                                What can a specialised removal company offer you?

                                Special trucks are needed to control climate and humidity. On the other hand, the packing of musical instruments must also be done with appropriate packing materials and by professionals.

                                Make sure that the instrument is physically transported within 24 hours of packing.

                                Hopefully these tips will help you get an idea of how to transport your piano or any other musical instrument.