Health insurance

If you’re planning to relocate to Spain and obtain a visa or residency, one crucial aspect you need to consider is health insurance. Navigating the world of private health insurance can be overwhelming, but fear not – this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to purchase private Spanish expat health insurance the right way.

Understanding Visa/Residency Health Insurance Requirements:

Before delving into the specifics, it’s essential to understand the health insurance requirements for your Spanish visa or residency application. Different visas may have distinct health insurance criteria, so be sure to check the specific requirements for your situation.

There are various health insurance plans available, ranging from basic coverage to comprehensive packages. Familiarize yourself with the different types, such as basic medical insurance, comprehensive health plans, and insurance policies that cover specific needs like maternity or dental care.

people hiring a private health insurance

When selecting a health insurance plan, carefully review the coverage offered. Ensure that the plan meets the minimum requirements for your visa or residency application. Look for coverage in areas such as hospitalization, outpatient care, prescription medications, and emergency services.

Check the network of hospitals and clinics associated with the insurance provider. Having a broad network ensures that you have access to quality healthcare facilities, especially if you plan to live in different regions of Spain.

Some insurance plans may have restrictions on pre-existing conditions or specific medical procedures. Understanding these details will prevent any surprises when you need to make a claim.

Here are some of the well-known private health insurance companies in Spain:

  • Sanitas: Sanitas is one of the largest and most recognized health insurance providers in Spain. They offer a range of health plans, including basic coverage and more comprehensive options.

  • Adeslas: Adeslas is another major player in the Spanish health insurance market. They provide various health insurance plans, dental coverage, and additional services.

  • Mapfre: Mapfre is a global insurance company with a significant presence in Spain. They offer health insurance plans with different levels of coverage and additional benefits.

  • DKV Seguros: DKV Seguros is a well-established health insurance provider in Spain, offering a variety of plans that cater to different needs, including basic and premium coverage.

  • Cigna Global: Cigna Global is an international health insurance provider with a presence in Spain. They offer comprehensive plans suitable for expatriates and residents.

Consider your budget and weigh it against the coverage provided. Be aware of any additional fees, deductibles, or co-payments associated with the plan.

Confirm that the insurance provider offers services in English or your preferred language. This is crucial for effective communication, especially when dealing with medical emergencies or complex insurance terms.


Purchasing private Spanish expat health insurance for your visa or residency is a critical step in ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Spain.

By carefully considering the factors outlined in this guide, you can make an informed decision and select a health insurance plan that meets both your health needs and the requirements of your visa or residency application. Remember, your health and well-being are paramount, so take the time to choose the right insurance coverage for your unique situation.