Sit Spain
Sit Spain

Roberto Polo’s Collection in Toledo, a work carried out by SIT’s team


Yesterday’s evening took place the opening of Roberto Polo’s Collection, Modern and Contemporary Art Centre of Castilla-La Mancha at its headquarter in Toledo. A project that comes from the agreement between the Government of the region and the Cuban-American collector for which more than 300 fine art pieces will be exhibited to the public for the next 15 years at the incomparable frame of Santa Fe’s convent.

SIT’s art team was responsible of bringing this project devised by the arquitect Juan Pablo Rodríguez Frade to reality, curated by the own Roberto Polo and the artistic manager of the journalist Rafael Sierra, where building, collection and landscape combine in perfect conjunction. This way the visitor that enters the ancient medieval monastery will enjoy renowned artists, such as Honoré Daumier, Eugène Delacroix, Kandinsky, Franz Marc or Marthe Donas, together with art pieces of artists who are still active, all of them with the Andalusian and late medieval remains.

Inside this monumental set we can highlight the great glass rosary of Maria Roosen that presides over the apse of the ancient church, as well as the only sculpture known from Laszo Moholy-Nagy. Counting on the Spanish presence in art pieces coming out of the hands of the creators Miquel Navarro, Rafael Canogar or Juan Garaizábal. All of these works reflect Roberto Polo’s aesthetic personality.


Without any doubt, this has been a very special work for SIT in which we have been involved with great excitement and professionalism.