Boxes: which ones to use and what goes where?

There are different types of boxes for removals and each one has a different use. But does it really matter what goes in which box?


It is not enough to simply use any type of box and label its contents to find out what is inside, you have to take into account the size and design to avoid damage, as you don’t want to find boxes with broken crockery when you arrive at your new home because you haven’t used the most appropriate one.

Luckily, companies specializing in removals with SIT Spain, we are experts in this area and we will explain the different types of boxes that exist and what each one is used for:

Standard box:

Small boxes of 40 x 37 cm, they are of small format to put inside small objects that can be light or heavy, but compact. Their volume is in relation to their maximum weight.

Cajas pequeñas y medianas

Medium-sized box:

These packages are sized according to the objects to be put inside, their dimensions are defined by a specific type of object, in these packages we try to achieve maximum lightness and protection. They are configured to contain objects of very different shapes and volumes, but not weight.

Wardrobe box:

They are widely used for the storage of clothes or hanging items that can be moved in this way and do not affect the object.

Caja armario

Clothing box:

These packages are defined by the objects placed in them, which are lightweight and delicate objects.

Kitchen boxes:

These packagings are dimensioned in relation to objects characteristic of the catering industry, equipment, tools and miscellaneous objects, although their weight is also in relation to the volume of protection.

Caja cocina

Specialised boxes:

If you have a peculiar item, at SIT we are specialists in boxes and packaging tailored to the customer’s objects, special packaging such as mirrors, lamps or high-value furniture.

If you want to speed up the work and not have to take care of too many things, it is advisable to hire a company to help you with your move. Our company is responsible for providing the highest quality throughout the removal process, both in local and national removals and international removals and, in addition, we have all kinds of boxes to suit your needs.

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