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Types of trucks used in a move

Each removal is different and each one requires a different type of material, if you have a very large wardrobe with lots of clothes, you will probably need more wardrobe boxes, if you are passionate about reading and have a large collection at home, you will probably need smaller boxes of books, and so on with all the types of items you may have at home.

The same applies to trucks as to boxes, depending on the type of removal, one or another type of truck can be used to adapt to the client’s needs, to the specific nature of the merchandise to be transported, or to make loading and unloading easier for the operator.

In this market there is a wide variety of types of lorries for transport, but on this occasion we will talk about the different types that we have at SIT.

The first thing to know is that transporting goods is not the same as transporting removals, which can generally be confused. In removals, we are dedicated to taking a person’s belongings from one place to another, while goods can be transported to one place to later be acquired by another public.

Rigid moving trucks:

These consist of a cabin occupied by a driver and the box where the removal goods are loaded.

They are so called because their structure is inseparable, i.e. both the cab and the box are part of the same structure and they are also usually smaller, which is why they are used for small removals, generally in cities.


    Camiones rígidos

    Articulated trucks:

    They consist of a traction unit and one or more semi-trailers on which the load is loaded. Unlike rigid trailers, these have the capacity to support a lot of weight and are used for large volume or shared removals.

    They have axle and wheel systems that allow articulation between their parts.

    Camión artículado

    Sailcloth truck: 

    These trailers are covered by sailcloth on the sides and are generally designed to transport more complicated furniture.

    They are very adaptable trucks as, having sailcloths, they can be opened from various angles and be loaded from different parts, the sailcloths can be removed and thus have more space for the assembly, loading and unloading of objects.

    Camión de lona


    In the end, we will need to know the characteristics of the move in order to choose the right truck according to its structure, weight, level of emissions or the type of goods or merchandise.

    Whichever lorry you need, at SIT Spain we assure you that your belongings will arrive safely at their destination.

    At SIT Spain we have a fleet of more than 30 lorries in Madrid alone, equipped with all the facilities you need to transport your belongings quickly and safely.