village in spain

If you’ve ever experienced the joy of living in Spain, you’ll know it’s a unique adventure filled with sun and a lot of “sabor” (flavor). Let’s take a humorous stroll down memory lane as we explore the quirks and delights that make you realize you know you’ve lived in Spain…

Your Vocabulary Now Includes “Vale” in Every Sentence:

“¿Quedamos a las 8, vale?” “Vamos al cine, vale.” In Spain, “vale” is the ultimate verbal punctuation mark, expressing agreement, confirmation, and everything in between. It’s practically a second language for you now.

Your Internal Clock Has Adjusted to Spanish Time:

Dinner at 6 PM? No, gracias. You’ve fully embraced the late-night dining culture, and now you wouldn’t dream of sitting down to eat before 9 PM. Who needs an early dinner when you can enjoy tapas until the wee hours?


Your Wardrobe Is Now 50 Shades of Black:

You’ve fully embraced the Spanish fashion mantra: black is always in style. Your closet resembles a shadowy palette, and you’ve become a master at making black look effortlessly chic, even in scorching summer temperatures.

“Terraza” Is Your Happy Place:

Whether it’s a café, bar, or restaurant, you’ve discovered the joy of alfresco dining on a “terraza.” Sun, friends, and a cool beverage – life couldn’t get any better. Your evenings are now synonymous with terraza time.

You Navigate Roundabouts Like a Formula 1 Driver:

Forget the simple left or right turns; you’ve mastered the art of navigating complex roundabouts with the finesse of a professional race car driver. Swerving and signaling become second nature, and you’re proud of your ability to seamlessly merge into the flow.

Your Greetings Include Two Cheek Kisses:

Handshakes? Simple nods? Nah, too formal. You’ve embraced the Spanish custom of greeting with two kisses on the cheek (air kisses count too). It doesn’t matter if you just met someone; the cheek-to-cheek ritual is now part of your social repertoire.

Your Blood Type is Now Café con Leche:

Coffee is not just a beverage; it’s a way of life. Your day doesn’t kick off until you’ve had your “café con leche.” You’ve become a coffee aficionado, navigating the subtle differences between cortado, solo, and the beloved café bombón.


You Can’t Imagine Life Without Jamón:

Your kitchen is incomplete without a cured ham proudly displayed. You’ve perfected the art of slicing jamón, and your gatherings are never complete without this iconic Spanish delicacy. It’s not just food; it’s a cultural statement.

You’ve Developed an Intimate Relationship with Olive Oil:

Olive oil is not just an ingredient; it’s a way of life. Your kitchen is stocked with an array of olive oils for different occasions, and you’ve become a master at drizzling it on everything from salads to breakfast toast. Your love affair with this liquid gold knows no bounds.


Living in Spain is a tapestry of experiences, where every day brings new adventures and unexpected delights. If you resonate with these moments, congratulations – you’ve truly embraced the Spanish way of life.

¡Viva España! 💃🍷