Sit Spain
Sit Spain

Spain is facing a few decisive days as it prepares for a return to normality.

Although it is still compulsory to wear masks indoors, the autonomous communities are gradually eliminating the measures imposed before Christmas, with the spread of the new variant of the Omicron coronavirus.

The drop in incidence is so favorable that everything suggests that a return to the pre-pandemic situation is closer than ever. Also at the borders, where there will also be a relaxation focused on tourism and the arrival of travelers to our country. One of the first measures that are already being applied is to allow the entry of non-EU travelers between the ages of 12 and 17 without vaccination. It will be sufficient for them to present a negative PCR carried out 72 hours prior to entry. This is only the first measure that will be implemented in the coming months.

Europe is acting along the same lines. Whether due to the drop in incidence in different countries or to the progress of vaccination, which is putting a brake on hospital admissions, countries such as Denmark, the United Kingdom and France are eliminating the restrictions imposed at the end of last year. In the case of the UK, masks are no longer required in public places and a covid passport is no longer required for access to public events or venues. Teleworking has also been suspended. The only measure that remains is the need for quarantine if the person tests positive. The relaxation of measures such as these means that international mobility is much more fluid. Until this moment of free movement of travelers at the borders of both Spain and Europe arrives, our Relocation and Immigration department is responsible for advising the client and facilitating all the necessary procedures for their trip, adapting it to the restrictions of each country of destination at all times.