While you can put a price tag on most of your belongings, it doesn’t quite apply to a fine art piece, does it? Invaluable belongings like these require special handling from point A to point B and should be entrusted to reputable experts. There are several important reasons why you should hire professional fine art movers as SIT Spain and we are gladly listing them all.


Fine art: property like no other

There is a big but subtle difference between professional furniture movers and professional fine art movers. While the first group is undoubtedly knowledgeable and have experience in moving, the latter are specialized. And that is it. Every single piece of art is unique and requires unique handling. Professional fine art movers understand that. The measures they take to safely move every single work of art grant a whole new level of service. So, what is it that they offer? SIT Spain services guarantee extraordinary

  • Protection
  • Expertise
  • Security
  • (De)installation

Understandably, such services cost quite a lot but it’s a small price, in a way.


The art of protection

Wrapping and packing for shipping is the core of artwork relocation. Whether you decide to move to Kuwait next month, the USA, Europe or anywhere else in the world, make certain that you’re handing your artwork to professional movers. They have developed specific techniques for handling various types of art. Over time, professional fine art movers have adapted the moving procedure.

Every installation requires knowledge of lighting and assessment of the exhibit area. Professional assistance is of paramount importance.

SIT Spain packaging is adjusted to the dimensions of the piece, its weight, and its condition. Additionally, movers choose specific, non-abrasive high-quality wrapping materials. They must endure a long-distance move without causing any damage to the item in transit. In fact, thoroughly protecting and storing the art piece is crucial. Even a slight scratch can ruin the work of art, making reparation considerably more costly than hiring professional fine art handlers would be.


Experience with an eye for details, SIT Spain since 1960

As mentioned before, what separates professional fine art movers from their colleagues is their training. They are aware of the specific factors involved. More importantly, they have experience in de-installing, packing, handling, moving and re-installing artwork. Additionally, art moving companies follow very strict procedures and document every step of the process. Each stage requires monitoring and filing detailed condition reports, for quality assurance purposes.

There aren’t more or less fragile art pieces. Fine art movers consider them all equally delicate no matter their size or weight. Also, fine art moving companies ensure climate-controlled moving conditions. Light, high temperatures, humidity, dust, and insects are the worst enemies of antiques.

Better safe than sorry

Certain works of art get insured for extremely large amounts but those amounts can never compare to the intrinsic value of those one-of-a-kind pieces. Maybe you don’t need to move Las Majas by Goya, but the fine art you own is no less important. In general, there are two types of fine art insurance; one protects you if you by chance purchase a stolen piece and the other protects you in case of theft or damage.

Furthermore, modern and reputable logistics companies specialized in moving fine art, equip their vehicles with GPS and alarms. They usually employ two drivers for the trip and make thorough background checks of their personnel. For the relocation of extremely valuable pieces, logistics companies arrange for the police escort or armed guards.

Fine art insurance companies offer a variety of policies. One of those covers physical damage done to artwork while in transit. Logistics companies take special precautions to avoid even the slightest damage. However, there is still a chance something unaccounted for will happen. These rare but possible situations make art insurance more than welcome.


The cycle of de-installing and displaying

If you know everything about the (de)installation of your artwork, that is excellent. However, if you have any doubts, you should ask for expert help. Professional fine art movers as SIT Spain know best how to secure, take down and display your artwork safely. They have the necessary equipment and also know how to use it. Installing complicated pieces or collections is not an obstacle but a challenge to a professional.

The first step would be careful planning of the process. Maybe you would need to pull the package through a window and block the street with a crane. That requires a special permit. Some works of art can’t fit the elevators and need to be disassembled carefully. It is better if a professional handles the operation. Moreover, the installation of an artwork collection requires knowledge of lighting and excellent assessment of walls and surroundings, hardware and equipment.

Even heavy works of art are fragile – they require careful lifting and crating. No piece of art ever goes on a trip without being insured


Why should you hire professional fine art movers?

While standard moving companies should handle standard furniture, fine art should be entrusted to professionals with a specific skill-set. Their training and experience in dealing with precious cargo give them authority in the field of fine art relocation. Also, they take into account all logistics factors influencing the moving process, performing quality assessment along the way. The moving of fine art requires both special handling and moving conditions. The biggest threats are found in

  • Packaging of inadequate size and abrasive wrapping materials
  • Absence of climate control in vehicles and storage facilities
  • Theft and lack of custom-made insurance
  • Insufficiently trained staff members

Hiring professional fine art movers as SIT Spain greatly outweighs contracting regular movers or attempts at DIY relocation of artwork. Such companies employ trusted, licensed professionals, who excel in their field of work. They depend on carpenters, electricians and machine operators to build and maintain platforms and structures install lighting and operate hydraulic lifts or cranes. When you consider it all, the cost of hiring professional help specialized in the relocation of fine art is the cost of your peace of mind.

Resolution, innovation and excellence are the values that make SIT Spain a worldwide reference in the areas of handling, moving and installing cultural goods.



Throughout our 60 years we have earned the trust of the main collections of the world. Through our hands we have had universal art and iconic moments such as moving “el temple de Debod”, the arrival of the Guernica, the transport of the Thyssen-Bornemisza collection or the custody of the treasure of the frigate “Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes”.